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  • Andrew Little (disambiguation)
  • Angela Little (disambiguation)
  • Anna Little (disambiguation)
  • Ann Little (1891-1984), American silent film actress
  • Arthur Dehon Little (1863-1935), American chemist, chemical engineer and founder of consulting company Arthur D. Little
  • Bentley Little (b. 1960), American author
  • Betty Little (b. 1940), New York Senator
  • Bingo Little, fictional character in stories by P. G. Wodehouse
  • Booker Little(1938 - 1961), American jazz trumpeter
  • Brian Little (disambiguation)
  • Bryan Little (disambiguation)
  • Carlo Little (1938-2005), British rock and roll drummer
  • Cleavon Little (1939-1992), American film and theatre actor
  • David Little (disambiguation)
  • Donald Little, Manitoba judge
  • Floyd Little (b 1942), American professional footballer
  • Frances Little (1863-1941), pseudonym of American auther Fannie Caldwell
  • Sir Frank Little (bishop) (1925 - 2008), Australian archbishop
  • Frank Little (unionist) (1879 - 1917), U.S. trade unionist
  • George Little (disambiguation)
  • Gerry P. Little, New Jersey politician
  • Grady Little (b. 1950), former Major League Baseball manager
  • Henry F. W. Little (1842-1907), American Civil War Medal of Honor recipient
  • Ian Little, record producer
  • Ian Little (footballer) (b. 1973), Scottish football player and manager
  • James Little (disambiguation)
  • Jason Little (cartoonist) (b. 1970), American cartoonist
  • Jason Little (rugby player) (b. 1970), Australian rugby union player
  • Jean Little (b. 1932), Canadian author
  • Joan Little (b. 1953), African America acquitted of murder
  • John Little (disambiguation)
  • Joseph James Little (1841–1913), U.S. representative from New York, American printer and publisher
  • Ken Little (born 1947), a modernist American sculptor
  • Lawson Little (1910-1968), American professional golfer
  • Lewis Henry Little (1817-1862), Confederate brigadier general during the American Civil War
  • Little Jack Little (1899-1956), British-born American singer, composer and actor
  • Malcolm Little (1925-1965), better known as Malcolm X
  • Mark Little (disambiguation)
  • Neil Little (b. 1971), Canadian former ice hockey player
  • Nicky Little (b. 1976), Fijian rugby union player
  • Ralf Little (b. 1980), English actor and comedian
  • Rich Little (b. 1938), Canadian-American impressionist and voice actor
  • Ricky Little (b. 1989), Scottish footballer
  • Robert Little (disambiguation)
  • Ross Little (b. 1990), English actor
  • Russell M. Little (1809–1891), New York politician
  • Stephen Little (b. 1954), American Asian art scholar, museum administrator and artist
  • Steve Little (disambiguation)
  • Stuart Little, fictional mouse in many of E. B. White's short stories, and in some films
  • Syd Little (b. 1942), English comedian
  • Tasmin Little (b. 1965), English violinist
  • Thomas Little (disambiguation)
  • Tony Little (b. 1956), American TV fitness personality
  • Walter Little (politician) (1877-1961), Canadian politician
  • Walter Little (rugby player) (b. 1969), New Zealand rugby player
  • William Little (disambiguation)
  • Zarah Little (b. 1981), American actress

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