Lists of UK Locations With Large Ethnic Minority Populations - British Asian Communities - Indian Communities - By City and Town

By City and Town

All below data is based on 2007 estimates and is for Indian people in the UK regardless of birthplace (excluding those of partial Indian origin).

  • London - 162,800 (4.1%]
  • London Borough of Harrow - 43,000 (18.2%)
  • Birmingham - 36,700 (12.6%)
  • Manchester - 31,400 (11.1%]
  • London Borough of Ealing - 30,000 (10.2%)
  • Leicester - 29,800
  • London Borough of Hounslow - 29,100 (8.9%
  • Coventry - 25,300
  • London Borough of Redbridge - 37,200 (14.6%)
  • London Borough of Croydon - 27,200 (8.0%)

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