List of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Characters - Minor Characters - Season 2 - Reginald Van Howell III

Reginald Van Howell III

Reginald "Reggie" Van Howell III, known as Houzan Gokaido / "Elite-kun" (五階堂 宝山 / エリート君, Gokaidō Hōzan / Erītokun?) in the original Japanese language version. In the Japanese version, Elite-kun is voiced by Shimika Ishiba.

An Obelisk Blue student, Reggie is an up-and-coming elite duelist at Duel Academy, who duels with Chazz.

In the English version, he insults Chazz without end, while in the Japanese version, he idolizes him instead.

Reggie plays a Warrior deck, centered primarily around the augmentation of his Warrior-type monsters through Equip Spell Cards.

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