List of Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards - Deck Types - X-Sabers


X-Sabers are an EARTH attribute archetype of monsters. They can give you quick field advantage based on the Special Summon effects of their monsters and support cards. This deck also features many tuner monsters which allow you to quickly Synchro Summon any Synchro Monster or any X-Saber Synchro Monster, such as XX-Saber Gottoms or XX-Saber Hyunlei. Cards such as XX-Saber Faultroll or XX-Saber Boggart Knight allow you to easily swarm your opponent. A known broken combo is the X-Saber Faultroll + XX-Saber Ragigura loop.

This is a powerful deck, often featuring in top eight decklists. There are also powerful support cards such as Saber Slash which allows you to destroy a number of face-up cards equal to the number of face-up X-Saber Monsters you control or Gottoms Emergency Call which allows you to Special Summon two X-Saber monsters from your graveyard if you control a face-up X-Saber Monster.

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