List of Wettest Tropical Cyclones By Country - Palau


Palau consists of a string of islands that is rugged and surrounds a lagoon. Elevations up to 2,060 feet (630 m) exist within the island group.

Wettest tropical cyclones in Palau
Precipitation Storm Location Ref
Rank mm in
1 470.9 18.54 Marie 1976 Koror
2 293.1 11.54 Nathan 1993 Nekken Forestry
3 281.4 11.08 Ruby 1982 Koror
4 248.9 9.80 Mike 1990 Koror
5 121.7 4.79 Dianmu 2004 Koror
6 47.8 1.88 Ewiniar 2006 Koror

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