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Lu Junyi's Story

Further information: Lu Junyi
    <li>Li Gu (Chinese: 李固; pinyin: Lǐ Gù) is Lu Junyi's housekeeper and financial manager. He has an ongoing affair with Lu's wife, but does not conspire against Lu until after Wu Yong informs him that Lu has rebelled. Li also uses as evidence a poem (see Lu Junyi#Wu Yong's poem) written by Wu Yong on a wall in Lu's house, causing Lu to be arrested and imprisoned when he finally returns home. Li, however, takes a further step and attempts to have his former master murdered in prison, but his plans are thwarted by Chai Jin, who bribes the executioners involved in Lu's case (Cai Qing and Cai Fu). After Lu is eventually rescued from prison by the outlaws, he returns home and kills the adulterous pair in revenge.
  • Madam Jia (traditional Chinese: 賈氏; simplified Chinese: 贾氏; pinyin: Jiǎ Shì) is Lu Junyi's wife. She betrays her husband and has an affair with Li Gu. She is killed along with Li by her husband after he is rescued by the outlaws.

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