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Governor-Militant Lukas Alexander

General Lukas Alexander was initially sent to Kronus by Segmentum Command to track down and capture Farseer Taldeer after her actions on Lorn V (as shown in Winter Assault). His forces landed in the abandoned city of Ironworks Bay, and found traces of ancient relics scattered across the planet, including the "Hellstorm Cannon", a weapon from a Horus Heresy-era Imperator Titan, Aquila Ignis, a Legio Mortis engine which had been felled during the last stages in the siege of Magma city when it's lava gates were opened and the city flooded during the mechanicus civil war. The city was renamed "Victory Bay", and techpriests began excavating the massive Titan cannon. However, this mighty gun is out of scale with the rest of the game, and has obviously been scaled down and had a blast door added to the side leading to the governor's base. The Imperium then gave Lukas Alexander the title of "Governor-Militant" of Kronus, and tasked him with (re)conquering the planet for the Imperium from the Tau. It is interesting to note that the Titan cannon is an energy weapon, whereas a Hellstorm Cannon (as it appears in other Warhammer 40,000 background) is, in fact, a projectile weapon similar to a vastly scaled-up version of a Dreadnought's assault cannon.

Alexander formed the 1st Kronus Regiment, naming them "The Liberators", since his soldiers were fighting to free the humans who were living under the rule of the Tau. Unfortunately, his goals soon put him at direct odds with a Blood Ravens task force that arrived on Kronus soon after "The Liberators", trying to uncover mysteries about the chapter's past. The Blood Ravens are then ordered to purge the planet in order to ensure their findings remain secret. They warn Alexander to leave, but he is determined to follow through with his orders and push the other factions off Kronus. Alexander is initially equipped with lightning claws and a wrist-mounted bolter. As his campaign progresses, he eventually obtains a wrist-mounted plasma pistol and power fists, as well as a full suit of carapace armour along with his Symbols of Office and optical implants. It is interesting to note that the 1st Kronus Liberators have the same uniform as the 101st Vendoland in the Army Painter, save for the badge and banner, possibly indicating that the Governor-Militant and his troops were originally part of the 101st Vendoland.

When the Governor-Militant is successful in his task, he becomes one of the most powerful men in the sector with an entire planet at his command. Most of the 1st Kronus Regiment are subsequently sent off to other nearby worlds as reinforcements, while the Governor-Militant himself remains on Kronus to oversee the administration of Kronus and the creation of the Planetary Defense Force. With the ancient Titan cannon safely secured, the Adeptus Mechanicus were able to better study it, eternally grateful to Alexander. With the loss of Tau control on Kronus, the human population, with little encouragement, proceeded to massacre any Tau (or Tau-aligned humans) who did not evacuate along with Shas'O Kais. Finally, with the defeat of the Blood Raven taskforce, incriminating documents and artifacts from their Castellum Incorruptus was found and handed over to the Inquisition, calling into question the history and the "true nature" of the Blood Ravens.

Should the city of "Victory Bay" be captured, after the death of Lukas Alexander, the last of the 1st Kronus Regiment make a futile last stand near the Hellstorm cannon. To prevent the fall of the Titan cannon to the attackers, Captain Gregor Vash orders a Techpriest to "overload the core". The Titan cannon begins to overload and explode, the blasts taking out the nearby combatants. However, if Chaos were the victors, it implies that pieces of the Titan cannon still remain, as Eliphas' sorcerers released a daemon of rot and plague (which means it belongs to the Chaos god, Nurgle) from the cannon through a ritual of sacrificing the corpses from the attack. The daemon likely has resided in the cannon for ten millennia since the traitor Titan Aquila Ignis last walked during the mechanicus civil war in the Horus Heresy as implied in the novel Mechanicum, and by doing so, Eliphas gained the favour of that particular Dark God. Also, if Eldar attacked Victory Bay and won, implications of pieces remaining of the Titan cannon are evident as the narrator states that the Farseer ordered warp bombs to be placed on what was left of the Titan cannon and detonated, disallowing the Imperial Guard the chance to salvage anything of the formidable Titan cannon. Another interesting note is after the Guards defeat from the Necrons. The narrator says that the forces of the Nightbringer simply ignored the cannon, implying how advanced their power really is. But if the Orks are victorious, Gorgutz's mekboyz salvage some of the cannons remains and use them for their own weapons. Another interesting point that may be a glitch is that when the Orks defeat the Imperials, the Kasrkin sergeant is left fighting an Ork nob while ordering the techpriest to destroy the cannon and is killed before that same nob kills the engineseer while carrying out the ritual.

It is uncertain why the Imperial Guard would destroy the cannon in such desperation if defeated by the Space Marines, although perhaps Alexander's desperate last shout to his men "(These marines) fight against the Emperor's holy will!" indicates that the Governor-Militant is taking no chances regarding the cannon possibly coming into the hands of traitors. It is most likely after what we see in the introduction of the Space Marines where Davian Thule orders Lukas Alexander to step down while the Space Marines purged Kronus, and Lukas bluntly refused, causing a war between the Space Marines and the Imperial Guard. In the introduction the narrator says: "Captain Thule ordered the withdrawal of the Imperial Guard forces stationed in Victory Bay, but Governor Alexander flatly refused to pull his men back. Thule judged the Governor a good man, but had little choice but to send his Space Marines to battle the Governor's troops along with all the other powers on Kronus. The Blood Ravens' willingness to fight soldiers of the Imperium did not go unnoticed."

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