List of Volkswagen Group Petrol Engines - Four Cylinder EA827/EA113 Petrols

Four Cylinder EA827/EA113 Petrols

This section is about current four-cylinder petrol engines, for discontinued four-cylinder petrol engines, see list of discontinued Volkswagen Group petrol engines#Four cylinder EA111 petrols and list of discontinued Volkswagen Group petrol engines#Four cylinder EA827/EA113 petrols

The EA827 family of internal combustion engines was introduced in 1972 in the Audi 80, and was eventually superseded by the EA113 evolution introduced in 1993. Both share the same 88 millimetres (3.46 in) cylinder spacing. The latter EA113 was updated with Fuel Stratified Injection (FSI) direct injection, to be topped by the 200 kilowatts (272 PS; 268 bhp) 2.0 TFSI used in the Audi TTS. Forty million engines have been produced. This range will eventually be superseded by the all new EA888 project, introduced with the 1.8 TSI/TFSI below, but the EA113 still remains in production.

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