List of United States Political Families (M) - The Mellons, Bruces, and Warners

The Mellons, Bruces, and Warners

See Mellon family.

  • Thomas Mellon (1813–1908), Common Pleas Court Judge in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania 1859–1869; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Councilman 1877–1886. Father of Andrew W. Mellon.
    • Andrew W. Mellon (1855–1937), U.S. Secretary of the Treasury 1921–1932, U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom 1932–1933. Son of Thomas Mellon.
      • David K.E. Bruce (1898–1977), Maryland House Delegate 1924–1926, U.S. Vice Consul in Rome, Italy 1926; Virginia House Delegate 1939–1942; delegate to the Democratic National Convention 1940; U.S. Ambassador to France 1949–1952; U.S. Ambassador to Germany 1957–1959; U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain 1961–1969; U.S. Liaison to China 1973–1974. Son-in-law of Andrew W. Mellon.
        • John Warner (1927–), U.S. Secretary of the Navy 1972–1974, U.S. Senator from Virginia 1979–2009. Former grandson-in-law of Andrew W. Mellon.

NOTE: David K.E. Bruce was also son of U.S. Senator William Cabell Bruce and brother of U.S. Ambassador James Bruce.

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