List of United States Political Families (H) - The Hendrickses

The Hendrickses

  • Thomas Hendricks, Sr. (1773–1835), Indiana State Representative 1823–1825 1827–1831, Indiana State Senator 1831–1834. Brother of William Hendricks and John Hendricks.
  • William Hendricks (1782–1850), Governor of Indiana 1822–1825, U.S. Senator from Indiana 1825–1837. Brother of Thomas Hendricks, Sr. and John Hendricks.
  • John Hendricks (1791–1866), Indiana State Representative 1841–1842, candidate for Indiana State Senate 1845. Brother of Thomas Hendricks, Sr. and William Hendricks.
    • Abram Hendricks (1805–1878), Sheriff of Decatur County, Indiana 1829 1841–1845; Indiana State Representative 1838–1839; Treasurer of Decatur County, Indiana 1847–1855; Indiana Republican Executive Committeeman 1860. Son of Thomas Hendricks, Sr.
    • William Hendricks, Jr. (1809–1850), Indiana State Representative 1846–1847, Indiana State Senator 1848–1850. Son of William Hendricks.
    • Thomas A. Hendricks (1819–1885), Indiana State Representative 1848–1951, delegate to the Indiana Constitutional Convention 1850 1851, U.S. Representative from Indiana 1851–1855, Commissioner of the General Land Office 1855–1859, candidate for Governor of Indiana 1860 1868, U.S. Senator from Indiana 1863–1869, candidate for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States 1868 1876 1884, Governor of Indiana 1873–1877, candidate for Vice President of the United States 1876, Vice President of the United States 1885. Son of John Hendricks.
    • Abram W. Hendricks (1822–1887), Indiana State Representative 1853, candidate for Justice of the Indiana Supreme Court 1858. Nephew of Thomas Hendricks, Sr., William Hendricks, and John Hendricks.
    • William C. Hendricks (1825–1892), California Secretary of State 1887–1891. First cousin of Thomas A. Hendricks.
      • Scott Hendricks (1878–1960), candidate for Republican nomination for U.S. Representative from California 1932. Son of William C. Hendricks.

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