List of United States Political Families (C) - The Clintons and Rodhams

The Clintons and Rodhams

  • William J. Clinton (born 1946), 42nd President of the United States, 1993–2001, Governor of Arkansas, 1979–1981, 1983–1992, Attorney General of Arkansas, 1976–1978, failed Congressional candidate, 1974; husband of Hillary Rodham Clinton.
  • Hillary Rodham Clinton (born 1947), United States Secretary of State; former United States Senator from New York, 2001–2009; First Lady of the United States, 1993–2001; First Lady of Arkansas, 1979–1981, 1983–1992; Chair, Legal Services Corporation, 1978–1982; Legal Counsel, House Judiciary Committee, 1974; Democratic candidate for U.S. President, 2008; wife of Bill Clinton.
  • Hugh Rodham (brother of Hillary), Democratic candidate for U.S. Senator from Florida, 1994.

Note: Bill Clinton (born William Blythe) is not related to the Clinton family of New York. He is, however, third cousin twice removed of Congressman James A. Lockhart. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Hugh Rodham's brother, Anthony, is also former son-in-law of U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer. William and Hillary's daughter, Chelsea, is also daughter-in-law of U.S. Representatives Edward Mezvinsky and Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky.

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