List of TVB Series (2003) - First Line Series

First Line Series

These dramas aired in Hong Kong from 8:00 to 9:00 pm, Monday to Friday on TVB.

English title
(Chinese title)
Number of episodes Main cast Theme song (T)
Sub-theme song (ST)
Genre Notes Official website
27 Jan-
21 Feb
The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow
20 Kwong Wah, Maggie Cheung, Melissa Ng, Paul Chun T: "彩構步"
(Kwong Wah)
ST: "延續一生都美麗"
(Kwong Wah)
Modern drama Official website
24 Feb-
21 Mar
Back to Square One
20 Lawrence Ng, Moses Chan, Cecilia Yip T: "有賺"
(Patrick Tang)
Modern drama Official website
24 Mar-
2 May
Perish in the Name of Love
30 Charmaine Sheh, Steven Ma, Moses Chan, Sonija Kwok, Maggie Siu, Michael Tong, Annie Man, Marco Ngai T: "帝女芳魂"
(Steven Ma & Charmaine Sheh)
ST: "錯認"
(Steven Ma)
ST: "兵車還"
(Steven Ma)
ST: "萬民萬家都好漢"
(Steven Ma)
Costume drama Official website
5 May-
30 May
In the Realm of Fancy
20 Kwong Wah, Shirley Yeung, Louis Fan, Marco Ngai T: "未悔用情"
(Kwong Wah)
Costume drama Official website
2 Jun-
28 Jun
Fate Twisters
22 Lawrence Ng, Ada Choi, Gigi Lai, Eddie Kwan T: "路直路彎"
(William So)
Modern drama Released overseas on February 24, 2003. Official website
30 Jun-
25 Jul
Better Halves
20 Steven Ma, Maggie Cheung, Moses Chan, Joyce Koi T: "美麗緣份"
(Steven Ma)
ST: "情牽一線"
(Steven Ma & Maggie Cheung)
Costume drama Official website
28 Jul-
22 Aug
Aqua Heroes
20 Bobo Chan, Edwin Siu, Bosco Wong, Leila Tong, Sheren Tang, Chris Lai, Stephy Tang T: "可疑密友"
(Bobo Chan & Edwin Siu)
Modern drama Official website
25 Aug-
5 Sep
Princess Pearl III
還珠格格III: 天上人間
40 Leo Ku T: "天上人間"
(Leo Ku)
Costume drama Taiwanese series
Sequel to 1999's Princess Pearl II.
8 Sep-
3 Oct
Find the Light
20 Damian Lau, Maggie Siu, Ron Ng, Bosco Wong, Tavia Yeung, Leila Tong, Shirley Yeung T: "肝膽相照"
(Frances Yip)
Costume drama Official website
6 Oct-
31 Oct
The Driving Power
20 Adam Cheng, Cecilia Yip, Michelle Ye, Joyce Tang, Wayne Lai, Kenneth Ma T: "變"
(Adam Cheng)
Period drama Official website
3 Nov-
12 Dec
Point of No Return
30 Damian Lau, Julian Cheung, Angie Chiu, Charmaine Sheh, Sammul Chan T: "相愛無夢"
(Julian Cheung)
Period drama Official website
15 Dec 2003-
6 Feb 2004
The Bronze Teeth II
鐵齒銅牙紀曉嵐 II
40 Costume action China series
Sequel to 2002's The Bronze Teeth
Prequel to 2006's The Bronze Teeth III.

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