List of TVB Series (1996) - Second Line Series

Second Line Series

These dramas aired in Hong Kong from 9:35 to 10:35 pm, Monday to Friday on TVB.

English title
(Chinese title)
Number of episodes Main cast Theme song (T)
Sub-theme song (ST)
Genre Notes Official website
5 Feb-
3 May
Cold Blood Warm Heart
65 Adam Cheng, Gallen Lo, Louis Koo, Julian Cheung, Jessica Hsuan, Astrid Chan, Maggie Cheung, Christine Ng, Nadia Chan T: "從不放棄"
(Adam Cheng)
Modern drama Grand production Official website
6 May-
7 Jun
25 Deric Wan, Lawrence Ng, Jessica Hsuan T: "主角還是你"
(Deric Wan)
Modern suspense
10 Jun-
5 Jul
Wars of Bribery
20 Aaron Kwok, Athena Chu, Esther Kwan, Marco Ngai T: "脫軌"
(Aaron Kwok)
Modern drama
8 Jul-
2 Aug
20 Gallen Lo, Michael Tao, Amy Kwok, Vivien Leung T: "别想念我"
(Sammi Cheng)
Modern drama Released overseas on August 9, 1993.
5 Aug-
30 Aug
Nothing to Declare
20 Wong He, Bobby Au Yeung, Mariane Chan, Halina Tam T: "我以你自豪"
(George Lam)
Modern action Released overseas on November 27, 1995.
2 Sep-
25 Oct
Once Upon a Time in Shanghai
40 Adam Cheng, Sunny Chan, Gordon Lam, Nadia Chan, Gallen Lo, Carol Cheng, Eric Tsang T: "能否再遇上"
(Adam Cheng)
Period drama Remake of 1980's The Bund.
28 Oct-
6 Dec
The Criminal Investigator II
30 Felix Wong, Gallen Lo, Sunny Chan, Kenix Kwok, Mariane Chan, Gigi Lai, Bondy Chiu, Joe Ma T: "真相"
(Jacky Cheung)
Modern action Sequel to 1995's The Criminal Investigator. Official website
9 Dec 1996-
3 Jan 1997
One Good Turn Deserves Another
20 Maggie Cheung, Kenneth Chan, Louisa So T: "回報"
(Priscilla Chan)
ST: "愛亦要捨棄"
(Priscilla Chan)
Modern drama

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