List of TVB Series (1994) - Second Line Series

Second Line Series

These dramas aired in Hong Kong from 9:00 to 10:00 pm, Monday to Friday on TVB.

English title
(Chinese title)
Number of episodes Main cast Theme song (T)
Sub-theme song (ST)
Genre Notes Official website
9 May–
3 June
Crime and Passion
20 Michael Tao, Dominic Lam, Cheung Kwok Keung Modern drama
6 June–
1 July
The Intangible Truth
20 Roger Kwok, Sheren Tang, Alex Fong, Esther Kwan T: "這一次意外"
(Jacky Cheung)
Modern drama
4 July–
29 July
Knot to Treasure
20 Ekin Cheng, Mariane Chan, Nadia Chan, Louis Koo T: "戀愛追逐"
(Nadia Chan)
Modern drama
1 August–
26 August
The Master of Martial Arts
20 Bryan Leung, Hacken Lee, Jessica Hsuan, Joey Leung, Gigi Fu T: "人生一切一身擔"
(Hacken Lee)
Costume action
29 August–
23 September
20 Aaron Kwok, Gigi Lai, Fennie Yuen, Mark Cheng T: "天涯凝望"
(Aaron Kwok)

ST: "燃亮今生"
(Gigi Lai and Aaron Kwok)
ST: "因你真正活过"
(Gigi Lai)

Modern drama
26 September–
21 October
Gentle Reflections
20 Irene Wan, Kenix Kwok, Savio Tsang, Pal Sinn T: "一醉化千愁"
(Irene Wan)
Costume drama
24 October–
18 November
Class of Distinction
32 Leon Lai, Louis Koo, Jessica Hsuan, Simon Lui, James Wong T: "陽光"
(Leon Lai)
Modern Drama
11 September-
13 October
40 Adam Cheng, Ekin Cheng, Roger Kwok, Nadia Chan, Leo Ku, Amy Kwok, Benz Hui T: "笑看風雲"
(Adam Cheng)
Modern drama Official website

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