List of TVB Series (1986)

This is a list of series released by or aired on TVB Jade Channel in 1986.

English title
(Chinese title)
Number of episodes Main cast Theme song (T)
Sub-theme song (ST)
Genre Notes Official website
13 Jan The Brothers Under the Skin
20 Felix Wong, Sheren Tang, Kiki Sheung Costume drama
20 Jan Movie Maze
20 Sean Lau, Maggie Siu, Nathan Chan, Eugina Lau Modern drama
10 Feb Next Year, Next Kin
5 Lawrence Ng, Yammie Nam Modern drama
17 Feb General Father, General Son
20 Felix Wong, Money Chan T: "成敗不必理會"
(Frances Yip)
Costume drama
17 Feb The Legend of Dikching
20 Michael Miu, Kitty Lai T: "迷離"
(Sally Yeh)
Costume drama Official website
17 Mar Siblings of Vice and Virtue
20 Eddie Cheung T: "只因我太癡"
(David Lui)
Modern drama
17 Mar The Return of Luk Siu Fung
40 Alex Man, Rebecca Chan, Wong Wan Choi T: "伴我追美夢"
(Jenny Tseng)
Costume drama
14 Apr The Ordeal Before the Revolution
20 Felix Wong, Kitty Lai, Ching Yee Chong T: "只有情永在"
(Jacky Cheung & Cally Kwong)
Period drama
12 May The Unyielding Master Lim
20 Money Chan, Jamie Chik T: "風雪前塵"
(Deric Wan)
Costume drama
12 May The Feud of Two Brothers
30 Alex Man, Carol Cheng, Kwan Hoi Shan, Carina Lau, Lawrence Ng, Kathy Chow T: "城市足印"
(Paula Tsui)
Modern drama Official website
9 Jun Heir to the Throne
20 Andy Lau, Liu Kai Ji, Kathy Chow, Yammie Nam, Susanna Au Yeung T: "編織美夢"
(Kenny Bee)
Costume drama
23 Jun The Upheaval
10 Ray Lui, Idy Chan, Kathy Chow Costume drama
7 Jul The Twin Heirs
20 Simon Yam, Cally Kwong, Margie Tsang, Maggie Siu T: "清風"
(Jacky Cheung)
Modern drama Official website
21 Jul The Blood Stained Intrigue
50 Wong Wan Choi T: "黑白難辨"
(Teresa Cheung Tak Lan)
Costume drama Official website
4 Aug
25 Jimmy Wong Modern drama
25 Aug The Superlative Affections
20 David Lui, Kathy Chow, Sean Lau T: "君心知我心"
(David Lui)
Modern drama Official website
15 Sep Legendary of Wong Tai Sin
20 Adam Cheng, Patrick Tse, Susanna Au Yeung T: "光照萬世"
(Adam Cheng)
Costume drama
6 Oct The Turbulent Decade
60 Eddie Cheung, Carina Lau, Jamie Chik, Bill Chan, Alex To, Dicky Cheung, Deborah Li T: "癡心的廢墟"
(Alan Tam)
ST: "曾經"
(Alan Tam)
Modern drama Official website
13 Oct Turn Around and Die
15 Alex Man, Yammie Nam, Kitty Lai, Jimmy Wong T: "勇者無敵"
(Leslie Cheung)
Costume drama
3 Nov New Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre
40 Tony Leung, Kitty Lai, Sheren Tang, Maggie Siu, Carol Cheng, Simon Yam, Wong Wan Choi T "劍伴誰在"
(Tony Leung & Anita Mui)
Costume drama
29 Dec A Taste of Bachelorhood
20 Lawrence Ng, Teresa Mo, Yammie Nam, Francis Ng, Kiki Shueng T: "癡心眼內藏"
(Danny Chan)
Modern drama
31 Dec Drama
20 Ray Lui, Teresa Mo, Amy Chan Costume drama

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