List of Transformers: Energon Episodes - Season 1 - 18. A Tale of Two Heroes

18. A Tale of Two Heroes

The autobots continue on their journey and intercept a decepticon warp signal which turns out to be Rodimus's ship. Rodimus asks permission to aboard and Optimus obliges, Rodimus explains to Optimus his theory of letting Unicron be resurrected, but optimus doesn't agree so rodimus leaves the ship so both teams can get back to their missions. Kicker finds Ironhide out of the ship and asks him what's up, Ironhide tells him that he wants to see what he is truly capable of doing and that he is tired of being bossed around, Kicker agrees and lets Ironhide board Rodimus's ship who by the way knows Ironhide is aboard but rather encourages Ironhide to be adventurous and tells his team to calm it down while rodimus's ship goes into unicron to talk to Alpha Q......

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