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Character Comedies

Title Original air-date # Episode Total Overall Total
"Fern: The Early Years" N/A 1 48 51

Fern's daughter gets married. Fern is faced with Harry's illness. Fern tells her daughter that children ruined her life. Fern and Harry host a Wild West charity event which ends up being cancelled when a cure for the disease if found. Fern refuses to put vanity plates on her Lincoln.

"Fern & Harry" N/A 2 49 52

Fern and her friend Jobie discuss how not to have sex. Fern is enjoying being a grandmother when she finds out that an alligator has eaten Harry. Fern gets a visit from Agent La Salle, finds her husband and then loses him again - this time to a shark. Fern recalls a high school date to see "An Affair to Remember".

"Ruby" N/A 3 50 53

Ruby recounts her start as a Hollywood make-up artist while sorting out though old photographs. Ruby is surprised to find out that her great-granddaughter is African-American. Ruby mistakenly gets a job as a make-up artist on a porno movie. Ruby is kidnapped by aliens and has a tête-à-tête aboard a space ship. Ruby discussed child rearing.

"Janie" N/A 4 51 54

Janie's school years. Janie tells us how she benefits from charities. Janie admits her most secret desires to her psychiatrist and it involves a paddle. Janie believes that she is a successful magazine editor, because she can predict trends.

"Linda" N/A 5 52 55

Linda and Candy hire a stalker to boost her image in the public eye but it backfires. Linda visits a prison inmate who once stalked her. Linda, a recovering sexaholic, falls off the wagon. Linda talks about marriage(s) but only gets to her husbands pre-1981. Linda sings.

"Kay" N/A 6 53 56

Kay buys a car from an exiled Albanian prince who is in dire need of a loan to restore his monarchy. Kay takes a beggar at his word when his sign says "Will Work for Food." Kay is convinced by Sydney Kross to marry a client of hers on death row so that she can plead leniency it doesn't work. Kay remembers smuggling a cockatiel home that wreaked havoc on her bed-ridden mother.

"Chic" N/A 7 54 57

Chic confesses that when you're a chick magnet like him, you've got to look good. Chic recalls his first time, at the age of twelve, a "rite of passage" in the dessert. Chic serves lunch to a busy businessman in his new taxicab cafe. Chic does the 'Hollywood' thing. Chic recalls the 70s complete with platform shoes, pooka beads and mood rings.

"Hope" N/A 8 55 58

Hope expresses her feelings on charity using charts. Hope fantasizes over a college student. Hope plans to lose her virginity. Hope in Las Vegas. Hope elopes to her dormitory with her quadriplegic professor, only to find it's too much. Hope's smoking is a "monkey on her back." Hope realizes that the only difference between believing in God and 'A' god is the 'A." Hope envisages the perfect wedding.

"Virginia" N/A 9 56 59

Virginia is interviewed (Class Act). Virginia and Timmy host a luncheon for Her Royal Highness. Virginia's husband, Timmy, gets in trouble and she feels the only way out is death. Virginia and Timmy rent their home in England to an American film crew and Timmy becomes jealous of Virginia's friendship with the movie's star. Virginia tells of her one great romance, her horse.

"Rayleen" N/A 10 57 60

Rayleen reveals that she was raised by dingoes. Rayleen does Linda's stunt scene. Rayleen's "Aged Animal Actors' Home" is the subject of Linda Granger's documentary. Rayleen attends Mitch's funeral and loses more than a husband. Rayleen is pissed off that no one knows anything about Australian culture. Rayleen is pissed off that royals don't have names that reflect their real character.

"Trevor" N/A 11 58 61

Trevor has a flashback to the day he discovered Doris Day was more appealing than sports and his Dad knew he was different. Trevor is approached by a co-worker and asked to father her child Barry is not happy. Trevor and Barry notice how they've aged differently. Trevor remembers the day when Nelson Mandela made the cabin truly "first class."

"Sydney" N/A 12 59 62

Sydney defends a client by singing to the jury. Sydney dreams that she goes to jail for murdering a priest. Sydney is sent to a health spa against her will only to persuade the clientele to sue for personal damages and injuries. Sydney reveals a surprising passion for "Riverdancing." Sydney explains how she prepares for court by eating raw meat.

"Chris" N/A 13 60 63

Chris and her lover, Midge, are having problems because Midge won't show her affections publicly. Chris makes a deal with the devil to help Midge, a professional golfer, overcome a slump.

"Mrs. Noh Nang Ning" N/A 61 14 64

Mrs. Noh Nang Ning recounts her flight from a homeland in turmoil and how America and the donut were her destiny. Mrs. Noh Nang Ning remembers her first donut machine. Mrs. Noh Nang Ning explains how the donut is appreciated by all ages. Mrs. Noh Nang Ning has eel for lunch. Mrs. Noh Nang Ning shares with us the secret of her health, deep breathing and donuts. Mrs. Noh Nang Ning has a novel weight loss program. Mrs. Noh Nang Ning takes her granddaughter to the ice rink and wants her to win. Mrs. Noh Nang Ning compares vanity to a rainbow sprinkled donut. Mrs. Noh Nang Ning and Chic trade insults. Mrs. Noh Nang Ning wants to cook a wandering dog. Mrs. Noh Nang Ning admits that she always wanted to tap dance in a big Hollywood musical.

"Ruby: Part 2" N/A 15 62 65

Ruby gets lost in a giant megaplex movie theater. Ruby gets a surprise in the mail Buddy's wife to be. Ruby gets involved with an old flamee but this time he gets burnt. Ruby tells us how she was a secret agent in the McCarthy era. Fern's daughter gets married. Fern is faced with Harry's illness. Fern tells her daughter that children ruined her life. Fern and Harry host a Wild West charity event which ends up being cancelled when a cure for the disease if found. Fern refuses to put vanity plates on her Lincoln.

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