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Ucha (ウチャ, Ucha?) is the second robot created by Ryô. Appearing only in Tokyo Mew Mew a la Mode, the R3000 is given to Berry Shirayuki who names him Ucha. Ucha has similar abilities to Masha, but speaks in complete sentences and complains a lot. It also has a different appearance, resembling a strawberry with bunny ears, and can transform into Berry's staff weapon.

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... Danzig however was invited by primate of Poland and interrex Jakub Uchański to cast a vote but declined to send a representative ... including most of the Polish episcopate led by Jakub Uchański) decided to elect Emperor Maximilian II, against the will of majority of nobility, which during the royal election voted for Anna ... Jakub Uchański and nuncio Wincenty Laureo recognized Maximillian as a King, but soon they and others accepted the will of majority ...
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Coordinates: 41°34′34″N 8°31′05″W / 41.576°N 8.518°W / 41.576; -8.518

Seibal - History - Late Classic - Defeat
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