List of The Red Green Show Episodes - Season 5 (1995)

Season 5 (1995)

Title Episode
Men's Night On The Mountain 97
The Driving Test 98
The Satellite Dish 99
Father and Son Banquet 100
The New Doctor 101
The Vertical Grandstand 102
The Network Deal 103
Medieval Times 104
Van Go 105
Possum Lodge Radio 106
X Marks The Spot 107
Sedgwick The Thief 108
The Cement Load 109
The Gas Shortage 110
Trout Season 111
The Lost Dog 112
The New Statue 113
One Man's Garbage 114
The Big Thing 115
Bottled Water 116
Floating Church 117
The Not-Chicken Franchise 118
The Compost Heap 119
Homemade Cheese 120
The Best of Red Green Special-1

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