List of The Red Green Show Episodes - Season 11 (2001)

Season 11 (2001)

  • Harold Green returns to the series with episode 211, initially in a sporadic form.
Title Episode
New Job in Town 211
Gladiator 212
The Whooping Crane 213
Back To Nature 214
Dalton's Hot Gift 215
Viva Las Possums 216
Y2 Cans 217
The Ghost of Possum Lodge 218
The Chainsaw Races 219
Something In The Heir 220
Daredevil 221
Mike Goes Straight 222
Xmas in July 223
The Fishing Derby 224
Masquerade Marathon 225
Harold's Dilemma 226
Red Green Does New Years 227/Special-7
The Making Of Red Green's Duct Tape Forever Special-8
Duct Tape Forever Movie-1

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