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The Goddess of Khalidor and gatekeeper (though not source) of the addictive and corrupting Vir magic that empowers their Vürdmesiters and Godkings, Khali is a powerful creature whose mere presence is extremely suffocating and oppressive even to the bearer of the black Ka'kari, and even at a distance. Use of the Vir binds the Vürdmesiter to Khali and prayers to Khali strengthen this further, but she is unable to sever a Vürdmesiter from the Vir. Khali draws powers from strong emotions and, finding suffering the easiest to generate, encouraged the Khalidorans to practice torture, rape and murder on a nationwide scale, and to make war with other nations. Non-Khalidors doubt she exist, while Vürdmesiters believe she is a senior member of the Strangers; in reality, she is merely their ally, Her real name is Trace Avagulania, the ex-fiance of Acaelus Thorne and the bearer of the White Ka'kari, which grants immortality and supernatural glamour, causing everyone who sees her to worship her beauty. At some point she lost her body and could only communicate through corpses, but she attempted to convince the Vürdmesiters to give her a living body, which Neph Dada finally did when he granted her Elene, giving her enough power to resurrect and control the entire Khalidoran army of krul as well as the Titan and numerous other monsters. However, Elene tricked her and helped Kylar and Durzo destroy the White Ka'kari and kill her.

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