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  • "Prove it!"

Voiced by Renessa Blitz, Janet, Arnold's know-it-all, stubborn, braggy, intelligent Jewish paternal cousin is very unpopular among the class. Looking rather like Arnold, she dresses in a similar fashion, but with a blue skirt, pink glasses and a short-sleeved shirt with a blue "J" on the side. Janet usually tries to sabotage the class in some way to gain something for herself. She initially appeared in the book The Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System, where it was stated she went to another school. In the TV series, she apparently attends a different class instead of a different school.

She made eight appearances in the series:

  • "Gets Lost In Space"
  • "Butterfly and the Bog Beast"
  • "Gets a Bright Idea"
  • "Goes Upstream"
  • "Works Out"
  • "Gets Swamped"
  • "Sees Stars"
  • "Makes a Stink"

In the very first episode, Janet is very anxious to collect samples from terrestrial planets Mercury, Venus and Mars, the biggest gas giant Jupiter and dwarf planet Pluto as a demonstration for proof of their visits to the planets in question (Her attempts to acquire a souvenir from the asteroid belt resulted in them temporarily losing Ms Frizzle, and the other students refused to allow her to stop to acquire proof from Saturn, Neptune and Uranus). She also makes an appearance in Chapter Book #17: Food Chain Frenzy.

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