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Alison Sedge is a field mouse who appears in The Crystal Prison. When she received her Sign of Grace and Beauty mousebrass in the summer before the events of the novel, she began teasing boys and took great care of her appearance.

But despite the fact that she and Jenkin Nettle grew apart for this very reason, it is clear that she still loves him.

When Audrey Brown comes to Fennywolde, Alison becomes very jealous because Jenkin seems to take a liking to her. After Jenkin is killed by Mahooot the owl, Alison blames Audrey for what had happened. Even after she realizes that the spirit of Jupiter is behind everything, she still hates Audrey.

Ever hurt over the death of Jenkin, Alison goes mad and stops taking care of herself. Her appearance becomes so frightful that some even consider her a witch.

When the strange black squirrel Morella arrives in Greenwich in The Deptford Mice Almanack, it is noted that she looks very much like the young Alison. The connection between the two has not been revealed yet.

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