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Wei Xiaobao's Three Children

  • Wei Tongchui (traditional Chinese: 韋銅錘; simplified Chinese: 韦铜锤; Mandarin Pinyin: Wéi Tóngchuí; Jyutping: Wai4 Tung4-ceoi4) is Wei's second son, born to Su Quan. His name literally means "bronze hammer".
  • Wei Shuangshuang (traditional Chinese: 韋雙雙; simplified Chinese: 韦双双; Mandarin Pinyin: Wéi Shuāngshuāng; Jyutping: Wai4 Soeng1-soeng1) is Wei's daughter, born to Princess Jianning. Originally named "Bandeng" (Chinese: 板凳; Mandarin Pinyin: Bǎndèng; Jyutping: Baan2 Dang3), which means "wooden bench", her name was changed to "Shuangshuang" (means "pair pair") on Su Quan's suggestion.

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