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Russell and Anna Huxtable

Russell Huxtable and Anna Huxtable (Earle Hyman and Clarice Taylor, recurring throughout the series), are Cliff's parents. Russell first appears in episode six of season one, titled "Breaking With Tradition". Anna first appears in episode fourteen of season one, "Independence Day". The characters are named after Cosby's real-life parents, Russell and Anna.

Russell and Anna Huxtable were both born in North Carolina before moving to Philadelphia and, later, New Jersey. Russell was a touring musician in the "Jazz Caravan", playing the trombone, earning the nickname "Slide" Huxtable. They, as well as Cliff and Clair, and Clair's parents, attended the civil rights March on Washington in 1963.

In the seasons two and three, Cliff and his family organized a performance for his parents' anniversaries, in the form of lip-sync and dance routines to Ray Charles' "The Night Time (Is the Right Time)" in season two, and James Brown's "I Got the Feeling" in season three.

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