List of The Backyardigans Episodes - Season Three - What's Bugging You?

What's Bugging You?

Original airdate: 2008-05-12
Uniqua and Tyrone are the Best Pest Control; they deal with household pests by talking to them instead of exterminating them. Lady Tasha hires them to deal with a pest problem (a worman) before Mr. Spiffy (Pablo) arrives. She's about to become a member of the Spiffy Club and he's here to look over her house. Unfortunately, everything Tyrone and Uniqua do seems to attract more wormans and then Mr. Spiffy arrives! Can they take care of the worman problem and keep Mr. Spiffy from seeing?

  • Songs:
    • "What's Bugging You?"
    • "I'm Mr. Spiffy"
    • "Get Those Little Critters"
    • "Worman Worman Party" (Tune: Conga line)
  • Genre: Rumba, Cha-cha-cha and Conga
  • Catchphrase: What's bugging you? (Tyrone and Uniqua), I certainly wasn't expecting that. (Tyrone)
  • Snack: Cupcakes at Uniqua's house
  • UK Variations: All references to 'spiffy' are changed to 'tidy', including Mister Spiffy's name and the Spiffy Club. The snack is changed to Yogurt.
  • In the kitchen scene if you look closely you'll notice the clock on the oven always says 12:00.

NOTE: This is the last episode to feature Kristin Klabunde as the singing voice of Tasha.

  • Absent:Austin
  • DVD: High Flying Adventures

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