List of Terrorist Incidents, 2009 - April


Date Dead Injured Location and description
April 2 1 1 Bat Ayin, Israel A 13-year old Israeli was killed by a local Palestinian in the Jewish settlement of Bat Ayin. A 7-year old was also injured and is being treated for serious wounds. Islamic Jihad and Imad Mughniyeh have claimed responsibility.
April 5 22 50 Chakwal A suicide bomber detonates explosives at a mosque during prayer, killing 22 civilians and injuring more than 50. The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack.
April 6 7 60 Assam Two bomb blasts kill 7 and injure 60 a day before Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was expected to visit. Police accuse United Liberation Front of coordinating the attacks.
April 6 36 110 Baghdad 6 bomb attacks kill 36 people and injure 110 in Shiite neighborhoods. US forces believe Al Qaeda was responsible, stating "the nature of the targets was consistent with past attacks."
April 6 1 7 Dalouyia 7 Iraqi soldiers were wounded after a suicide bomber detonated his explosives.
April 7 8 14 Baghdad A car bomb detonated in Baghdad near a Shite religious shrine killing eight people and injuring at least fourteen people. This attacks comes one day after six car bombs in Baghdad that attempted to reignite Shite-Sunni communal tensions.
April 9 5 7 Lashkar Gah Two police cars were seriously damaged after a bomb exploded near the two vehicles in Lashkar Gah, Helmand Province in Afghanistan. Four police officers and a child were killed and two police officers were wounded.
April 9 5 unknown Jayapura A bomb attack in Jayapura killed 5 mens and injured severely several others. Police blamed Free Papua Movement. Meanwhile, about 500 militants attacked a police post with bows and arrows and petrol bombs. The police reply and kills someone.
April 10 7 18 Mosul A suicide truck bomb kills 5 US soldiers and two Iraqi policemen. 1 US soldier and 17 Iraqis were injured in the blast. This is the largest loss of life in a single day for American forces in Iraq for 2009.
April 10 1 3 Chalerm Black clothed militants opened fire on a train as it was stopped at a local train station. One train attendant was shot and killed and three others were injured in the attack before the engineer was able to pull away from the station ensuring the attackers couldn't kill or injure anyone else.
April 11 12 32 Baghdad A suicide bomber exploded after getting into the middle of a crowd of Sunni militamen allied with the U.S military in Iraq. Nine people were killed and another thirty-one were injured in the explosion.
April 14 1 4 Shah Wali Kot A female Canadian soldier was killed and four other Canadians wounded when a roadside bomb hit their troop carrier in Shah Wali Kot district north of Kandahar.
April 15 11 23 Kirkuk A suicide car bomber detonated his explosives near an Iraqi police unit that had been assigned to protect an oil installation. Eleven people were killed in the explosion and twenty-three others wounded.
April 16 16 50 Baghdad A suicide bomber in an army uniform detonated his explosives in the middle of a military parade in Anbar province killing sixteen soldiers and injuring at least fifty people.
April 18 27 65 Hangu Taliban militants are being blamed for a suicide explosion targeting a military checkpoint that killed 25 Pakistani soldiers and 2 civilians and injured at least sixty-five people, including sixty-two soldiers. The explosion occurred in north-western Pakistan near the town of Hangu.
April 20 4 20 Baquba A suicide bomber detonated his explosives at a joint U.S-Iraqi meeting in Baquba resulting in four Iraqis being killed, two police officers, and twenty people being wounded in the attack including eight U.S soldiers.
April 23 48 68 Muqdadiya A suicide bomber targeted Shite pilgrims from Iran killing forty people, all but two Iranian, and injuring at least sixty-eight people. Al Qaeda in Iraq is being blamed for this blast and the blast in Central Baghdad.
April 23 28 57 Baghdad A suicide bomber exploded in a Shiite area of Baghdad where Iraqi government officials were handing out relief supplies to refugees who had left their neighborhoods after the fall of Saddam Hussein because of sectarian violence. Twenty-two people were killed and another thirty-five injured.
April 24 60 125 Baghdad Two suicide bombers blew themselves up at the entrance to the Moussa al-Kadhim shrine in the Kadhimiya neighborhood. Many of the casualties were Iranian pilgrims.
April 25 11 6 Lower Dir District Eleven children were killed and six wounded when a bomb designed to look like a toy exploded near a girls school. Two men, possible Taliban militants are suspected of giving the children the bomb to play with.
April 26 1 3 Sultan Kudarat A bomb exploded at a popular beach resort in Southern Philippines. One person was killed and three others injured.
April 28 0 0 Istanbul Turkey military sources reported that a small bomb, similar to a pipe bomb exploded in Istanbul in the parking lot of a military academy. No one was killed or injured in the blast.

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