List of Terrorist Incidents, 2008 - October


Date Dead Injured Location and description
1 October ~4 100 Agartala. Three bombs exploded in the insurgency-racked North-East India. Police said they suspected Muslim militant groups based in Bangladesh for the blasts in the Radhanagar and Gulbazar areas of Tripura's capital.
1 October 1 1 Diyarbakır. PKK militants attacked Turkish soldiers.
2 October 20+ 60 Baghdad. Suicide bombers targeting the Eid ul-Fitr celebrations killed at least 20 people in attacks on two Shiite mosques during early morning prayers.
2 October 4 7 Peshawar. A suicide bomber targeted the home of Asfandyar Wali Khan, the chief of the Awami National Party, on the second day of Eid al-Fitr during a gathering at his house in the town of Charsada, near Peshawar.
3 October 7 8 Tskhinvali. A car full of explosives blew up near a Russian military base.
3 October 0 0 Tolosa. At about 1:15, 10 kg worth of explosives detonated in front of the Tolosa court house causing minimal damage.
6 October 27+ 80+ Anuradhapura. A suicide bomb exploded in the office of the United National Party near a bus stand. A former senior general, Janaka Perera, who had been serving as a regional leader for the party was among the dead. The Tamil Tigers were quickly blamed.
6 October 17+ 2 Mogadishu. Mortar rounds slammed into a market after a failed insurgent attack on the presidential palace. A remote-controlled land mine also killed a Somali driver and wounded two aid workers – an Italian and a Somali.
6 October 25 60 Bhakkar. A suicide bomber set off his explosives as he tried to force his way into an opposition politician's home during a celebration marking Eid al-Fitr. The target was Rashid Akbar Khan Nawani, a member of Pakistan's minority Shiite Muslim community, who was injured but survived the attack.
7 October 1+ 5 Baghdad. Two blasts went off near Baghdad's Green Zone outside the Foreign Ministry, as US Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte, was to hold a press conference about his visit to Iraq.
8 October 0 5+ Guwahati. A bomb exploded near a crowd gathered for Durga Puja festivities. A police spokesman said the low-intensity blast took place near the Japorigog area at around 20:30.
8 October 4 22 Diyarbakir. Three police trainees and a civilian were killed, with 22 others also wounded, in an attack on a police bus. Unidentified assailants armed with guns and explosives attacked the vehicle on a busy street outside the city of Diyarbakir. Of the injured at least 11 of the wounded were trainee police officers and the others were civilians. Though there was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack, Kurdish separatist guerrillas frequently target Turkey's armed forces and police in the mainly Kurdish southeast; the attack also came shortly before the parliament in Ankara was scheduled to approve a government request to extend a mandate to launch military operations against PKK rebels based in northern Iraq.
8 October 7–10 ? Baquba. A female suicide bomber detonated explosives near the front of the Court of Appeals on a street that has a number of government buildings in the provincial capital. She was the 17th woman to detonate a suicide bomb in Diyala this year. The street has been attacked by suicide bombers at least 16 times in the last five years, including three times this year by women. The American military had a slightly lower toll than the Iraqi police, but some bodies may have been taken away before the Americans arrived at the scene.
9 October 8 8 Islamabad. A suicide bomber attacked a main police headquarters. The targeted area is the main police complex in Islamabad, containing training and residential facilities for police officers. Thousands of police are based at the center.
9 October 11 0 Dir District, NWFP. A bomb explosion occurred near a police van carrying prisoners. Four schoolchildren in a passing bus were also among the dead.
9 October 1+ 3 Colombo. A suicide bomb attack targeted a convoy carrying the agriculture minister near a Buddhist temple in the Borelesgamuwa suburb.
10 October up to 4 81 Bajaur. Taliban militants beheaded four tribal elders who had attended a pro-government meeting in the insurgency-hit region of Bajaur. The victims were abducted when heading home after a jirga, which the Charmang tribe had called to plan action against Taliban militants in their area.
10 October 113 100+ Orakzai. A suicide bomber drove his car into a meeting of 600 people which was being held in open ground and blew himself up. The meeting was a council of local leaders discussing to raise a militia to evict Taliban from the region.
10 October 15 39 Baghdad. Three bombs detonated in Baghdad.
  • The first was a bomb that exploded next to a mini bus, killing one and injuring 12.
  • The second occurred when a vehicle exploded at about 16:30 in the main market area of Abu Dshir leaving 13 dead and 27 others injured in the Bayaa district in Abu Dshir, south of Baghdad, a Shia enclave in the Sunni dominant district of Dora.
  • Another bomb killed an anti-American Shia MP, Saleh al-Ogayly, in Sadr City. The Sadrist MP became the first Iraqi legislator to be killed since the 12 April 2007 suicide bombing of the national parliament in which one politician and seven others died.
11 October 0 0 Monterrey. Unknown assailants shot at the U.S. consulate building and threw a grenade that failed to explode. Two men attacked the consulate around midnight when it was closed. Though nobody was hurt in the assault, the gate was pockmarked and six spent .45-caliber casings were found at the scene. It was not clear if the attack was related to a wave of violence by drug gangs; there was no evidence it was related to political terrorism.
12 October 13 20 Baghdad. Multiple attacks around the city killed and wounded several.
  • A parked car bomb detonated in an outdoor market killing nine civilians and wounding 13 others. The attack happened in the Shiite neighborhood of Bayaa, in southwestern Baghdad, around 13:30.
  • Sniper fire killed two Iraqi soldiers in the Mansour neighborhood.
  • In the eastern Baghdad neighborhood of Zaiyouna, a roadside bomb injured seven people, including five police officers.
  • In southern Baghdad's Dora neighborhood, unknown armed men killed two members of the Sons of Iraq.
12 October 1 7 Neiva. Authorities blamed FARC for two attacks on hotels in the center of Neiva in the south west of Colombia. .
13 October 1 6 Baghdad. Two attacks killed one and wounded more.
  • A roadside bomb exploded as an Iraqi police patrol was in the area in northeastern Baghdad, wounding five people, including three police officers.
  • A Christian businessman was killed and his nephew was wounded in a drive-by shooting as they were standing near their house in the Kazraj neighborhood.
13 October 0 5 North-West Frontier Province. A remote-controlled bomb detonated near the vehicle of a secular political leader, who was injured along with four others. This follows a string of attacks against lawmakers and government officials; and was also the second this month aimed at the Awami National Party. The attack apparently targeted Shamin Khan, a member of the ANP, at 18:30.
14 October 3 0 A woman and her two children died in a bomb explosion in the Terai, a region that has seen constant ethnic unrest for nearly two years. Shortly afterwards two separate militant groups both said they were responsible. Each claim to fight for the rights of the Madhesi ethnic group.
14 October 19 1 Kabul. A roadside blast in the east of the country where U.S. soldiers operate killed three NATO troops; while two separate roadside bombs in the southern Uruzgan province killed 16 Afghan civilians.
16 October 4 0 Mingora, Swat Valley. A suicide bomber rammed an explosives-laden vehicle into a police station. The attack was the latest addition to a string of bombings against security forces in the northwest of Pakistan, where the government is waging a military campaign against al-Qaeda and Taliban-linked fighters. The police chief said that the "huge blast" killed three security force personnel and one policeman and destroyed the police station.
17 October 3 7 Baghdad. Officials said a bomb planted near a mosque in north Baghdad killed three Shiite worshipers as they were leaving Friday prayers and damaged surrounding homes. The blast happened in the primarily Shiite neighborhood of Sha'ab.
17 October 1 4 Dalton, Georgia An explosion at a personal injury law firm in downtown Dalton, Ga., injured four people, including at least one lawyer, and resulted in the death of the apparent bomber in what a federal law enforcement spokesman described as a suicide attack.
19 October 4 6 Balochistan. A separatist group, Baloch Republic Army, claimed responsibility for a bomb blast in northwestern Balochistan province. The blast occurred in a bazaar of the Dera Bugti district, and the remote-controlled bomb was planted in a motorcycle.
19 October 2 27 Baghdad. Two bombs went off in the city. The first injured 16, while the second, a roadside bomb targeting an Iraqi police patrol, went off in southeastern Baghdad, leaving two people dead and 11 more wounded. Police and medical officials said the blast occurred near a fuel station in the Zafaraniya neighborhood. The powerful blast damaged several nearby civilian cars. Sources also added that the dead were civilian, while three policemen were among the wounded.
12–19 October 40+ 0 Southern Afghanistan. Authorities in Kabul said that Taliban militants hijacked a bus in southern Afghanistan last week and killed as many as 40 passengers, although only six bodies were discovered.
20 October 13+ 12 Chattisgarh. Naxalites allegedly killed Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel in the Bijapur District following the announcement of two-phase Assembly elections in Chhattisgarh. The attack also left 12 personnel of CRPF and the Border Roads Organisation, who were carrying out road construction work in the area, injured. The attack took place at about 13:30 between Modukpal and Kongupalli in the district. According to reports, one of the attackers was also killed in the exchange of fire that followed.
20 October 0 2 Quetta. Two journalists were injured when a bomb planted in a gas geyser went off outside the offices of local newspapers in Universal Complex. An editor and photographer of Daily Awwam suffered minor injuries as a result of the blast, while windows of nearby buildings, shops and a medical complex were smashed as a result of the blast.
20 October 4 7 Baghdad. Civilians were killed and seven others were injured when a roadside bomb struck a bus in the Iraqi capital. The blast took place in the eastern, Shia-dominated neighbourhood of al-Fadiliya, Mashtal when it was hit by a roadside bomb according to the news agency Voices of Iraq. Police said the bus was carrying employees from the country's Housing Ministry, and that the bomb blast damaged nearby vehicles and buildings.
20 October 7 2 Kunduz province. Five children and two foreign soldiers died in a suspected suicide bomb attack, according to the International Security Assistance Force. The German Defense Ministry said the attack had targeted a convoy of German soldiers. The explosion ripped apart one of the vehicles killing two German soldiers and injuring one more; a group of children were playing beside the road near the explosion. Five children were killed and one child was very seriously wounded. A Taliban spokesman claimed responsibility but denied that any children were casualties in the attack.
21 October 0 0 Helsinki. Finnish police say an Embassy employee was injured in an arson attack on the Turkish embassy building in central Helsinki. Officers said the front door was burned in the attack and the fire spread indoors before it was extinguished by fire fighters. The early morning attack came hours after a peaceful anti-Turkey protest the day before outside the embassy by a few dozen Kurdish demonstrators. Police said four men had been detained on suspicion of the attack, and that the attack could have been politically motivated and that some of the men had a Turkish-Kurdish background.
21 October 0 1 Bangkok. A bomb blast hit the residence of the Supreme Administrative Court of Supreme Administrative Court president Akrathorn Chularat in Chatuchak district in the early hours of the morning. Akrathorn was not in his residence in Soi Lat Phrao 25, Phahonyothin Road, as he was on an overseas trip. Police were alerted to the bomb blast at about 1:00 where they found a 10-centimetre deep pit about four meters wide on the grounds within the compound. Witnesses said they heard the sound of motorcycles in front of the house shortly before the bomb exploded.
21 October 17+ 30+ Imphal. A bomb was suspected to have been planted on a moped near the Manipur police commando complex at Minuthong in Imphal at 19:30. Police said none of the Manipur police commando personnel staying at the barrack complex were among the casualties. Unconfirmed reports, however, said a surrendered militant may be among the dead.
22 October 0 10+ Janakpur. A home-made bomb went off at a government office in the southeast of the country. The blast occurred at a land revenue office. The Terai National Liberation Army claimed responsibility.
22 October 3 3 Belpahari, West Bengal. Three members of a mobile medical team were killed in a blast triggered by Maoists. The Maoists, however, issued an apology for the killing of the health staff and stated that they were not the intended target. Two people have been arrested in connection with the blast though locals claimed that the duo were innocent of the charges.
23 October 11 22 Baghdad. In the Bab al-Sharji area of central Baghdad, a suicide bomber rammed his car into Iraqi labor Minister Mahmoud Mohammed al-Radhi's convoy. Al-Radhi was not actually in the convoy.
23 October 1 1 Kandahar. The provincial police chief narrowly escaped a donkey-borne bomb attack which left one of his officers dead and one wounded. The attack took place shortly after noon on a road outside Kandahar City as the police chief, Matiullah Achakzai, was headed to the Zhari district in a two-truck police convoy. Achakzai was, however, not injured in the attack. A spokesman for the provincial governor, said the bomb had been attached to a donkey by the side of the road and was detonated by remote control. The first truck was destroyed in the blast, while the second truck drove into the crater created by the blast.
23 October 0 0 Aceh. A grenade exploded outside the office of the former separatist rebels, Free Aceh Movement (GAM), in the once-restive Aceh province, although no one was reported injured. The blast damaged two cars and the office windows of the Aceh Transitional Commission (KPA) office. Police were questioning four witnesses in regard to the blast. The explosion occurred about two weeks after the GAM founder, Hasan di Tiro, returned home from more than 30 years' exile in Sweden.
23 October 2+ 3 Zagreb. At least two journalists died in a bomb blast in the Croatian capital. The explosion occurred outside the offices of a weekly newspaper, Nacional, in the center of the city.
23 October 0 16 Bogota. Police blame FARC for a series of blasts occurring throughout the capital. The explosives had been left in waste bins in six separate residential areas. Witnesses described the blasts as "not high-powered," and the injuries were minor.
24 October 0 0 Athens. At about 4:00 am police were able to defuse a homemade explosive that had been left outside the offices of Royal Dutch Shell. They had received an anonymous phone call warning of the device's location. Authorities usually attribute similar attacks to extreme leftists and anarchists.
25 October 3 0 Kabul. A security guard working for the international shipping company, DHL, opened fire and killed the company's country director and his deputy before turning the gun on himself. The shooting took place in front of the DHL office in downtown Kabul, with one Briton and one South African casualty, according to the British Foreign Office and South African governments. The preliminary investigation found one of the Afghan security guards protecting the DHL compound had opened fire on the car carrying the two foreigners when it pulled into the company headquarters. The guard then put a Kalishnikov rifle to his own head and killed himself. The guard had, apparently, been hired about a month ago from a Pashtun area just north of Kabul, where the Taliban draws many of its fighters from the Pashtun ethnic group, however, police had no conclusive evidence linking him to any insurgent organization. A Taliban spokesman denied involvement in the attack.
25 October 2 1 Near Abkhazia. Giorgi Mebonia, governor of the Tsalenjikha district of Georgia, was killed in an explosion close to the border with Abkhazia. A citizen also died in the attack and a police officer was wounded in the village of Mujava. The Georgian interior ministry said Mebonia's car was hit by an explosive device and his convoy was fired at, but it was not known who had fired the shots.
28 October 4 5 Gadchiroli. Four policemen, including a sub-inspector, were killed in an encounter with Naxalites in the Korepile forest in Aheri Taluka of Gadchiroli district. Five other policemen also received bullet injuries. The police party came under attack during routine patrolling.
28 October 11 0 Mohmand Agency. A suicide bombing at a security checkpoint came just days after Pakistan's parliament condemned any incursion on Pakistani soil. A man drove a vehicle carrying explosives into a checkpoint in the village of Ghalani.
28 October 2+ 12 Quetta. A car bomb exploded in the provincial capital of Quetta. The blast at a busy road in the government offices area of the gas-rich Baluchistan province, also destroyed several rickshaws, cars and a pick-up truck. The police chief said that the bomb exploded during rush hour.
29 October 56 80 Five suicide attacks on multiple facilities, three suicide car bombers struck the presidential palace, the United Nations Development Program compound, and the Ethiopian Consulate in the city of Hargeisa in Somaliland and two suicide bombers on foot targeted two intelligence facilities in the city of Bosasso in Puntland in coordinated suicide attacks.
30 October 84+ 470+ Assam. A series of 13 blasts occurred in and around Guwahati.
30 October 0 21 Pamplona. A car bomb exploded at the University of Navarra. The explosion occurred at a time when students would have been walking near the lot where the car had been parked. Most of the injuries were a result of flying glass shards, while rainy weather may have prevented more casualties. Authorities blamed ETA, who had yet to claim responsibility.
30 October 5 21 Kabul. A suicide bomber who stormed the Ministry of Information and Culture successfully detonated his explosives on the ground floor. Five of the wounded were described as being in critical condition. The Taliban claimed responsibility through a phone call within minutes of the blast.
31 October 0 4 Srinagar. Four security personnel were injured when militants hurled a grenade at a police station in the Baramulla district of Jammu and Kashmir. The blast, at about 11:20, landed inside the compound of the Baramulla police station, injuring two CRPF personnel and two policemen in the explosion. No militant outfit had claimed responsibility for the attack so far. This was the first attack on security forces in the Kashmir valley since the announcement of election schedule legislative assembly elections by Election Commission on 19 October.
31 October 0 17+ Bastar, Chattisgarh. At least 17 policemen sustained minor injuries when Maoist guerrillas detonated a powerful land mine in front of their vehicle in the southern Bastar region of Chattisgarh. The incident took place on a highway in Narayanpur district, some 250 km south of the capital Raipur.
31 October 9 21 Mardan, NWFP. A senior police official's home was hit by a blast in Mardan. The suicide bomber blew himself up close to a security convoy escorting, Mardan's deputy inspector, Akhtar Ali Shah, near his home just after 13:30. At least three police guards including the driver were killed in the high-security zone, while the other casualties have not yet been identified.

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