List of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Minor Characters - W - Lachlan Weaver

Lachlan Weaver, portrayed by Derek Riddell, is the late husband of Catherine Weaver and the father of Savannah Weaver. Lachlan and Catherine co-found ZeiraCorp. Documentary footage of the Weavers being interviewed depict the two as happy and affectionate toward each other. His wife's brother, an NTSB investigator, secretly provides them photographs of a 2002 commuter plane crash in the eastern Sierra Mountains, in which Terminator components are found among the wreckage. The Weavers then spend twenty million dollars attempting to reverse engineer Terminator technology.

In addition to being a successful engineer and corporate mogul, Lachlan Weaver is a passionate helicopter pilot, who has over seven hundred hours of flying time in the helicopter in which he and Catherine (or, alternatively, the T-1001 posing as Catherine) fly to a microchip factory in Barstow in 2005. According to the story the T-1001 tells to James Ellison in "The Mousetrap", Lachlan panics in an unspecified extreme situation and crashes, killing himself. Lachlan's crash is determined to be due to mechanical failure.

Matt Murch, who seems to hold Mr. Weaver in high esteem, mentions to James Ellison that employees prefer wearing plaid -apparently due to his Scottish origins- on the anniversary of Lachlan's death, paying homage to their former boss.

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