List of Television Stations in Ontario

List Of Television Stations In Ontario

This is a list of broadcast television stations serving cities in the Canadian province of Ontario.
Note: Due to the mandatory digital television transition on August 31, 2011, most of these stations are broadcasting in digital only.

City of licence Analog
Callsign Network Notes
Barrie 10 3.1 CKVR-DT CTV Two
Belleville 26 53.1 CICO-TV-53 TVO
Chatham 33 59.1 CICO-TV-59 TVO
Cornwall 8 No CJOH-TV-8 CTV satellite of CJOH-TV ch. 13 Ottawa, formerly CJSS-TV
Cloyne 44 55.1 CICO-TV-92 TVO
Hamilton 18 11.1 CHCH-DT CHCH-DT
Hamilton 36 36.1 CITS-TV CTS
Kenora 13 No CJBN-TV CTV
Kingston 11 30.1 66.1 CKWS-TV CBC
Kitchener 28 28.1 CICO-DT-28 TVO
Kitchener 13 13.1 CKCO-DT CTV
Leamington 22 22.1 CIII-TV-22 Global Licensed to Stevenson, serving Leamington and Chatham
Leamington 34 No CFTV-TV community channel
London 10 10.1 CFPL-DT CTV Two
London 14 14.1 CITS-TV-2 CTS
London 18 18.1 CICO-TV-18 TVO
London 48 61.1 CFMT-TV-1 Omni Television
London 20 20.1 CJMT-TV-1 Omni Television
London 51 31.1 CHCH-DT-2 CHCH-TV
Midland 7 7.1 CIII-TV-7 Global satellite of CIII-TV
Muskoka 23 11.1 CHCH-DT-3 CHCH-DT
North Bay 2 No CFGC-TV-2 Global satellite of CIII-TV ch. 6 Paris/Toronto
North Bay 10 No CKNY-TV CTV
North Bay 32 No CHCH-TV-6 CHCH-TV
Oil Springs/Sarnia 29 No CIII-TV-29 Global satellite of CIII-TV ch. 6 Paris/Toronto
Oil Springs/Sarnia 42 No CKCO-TV-3 CTV satellite of CKCO-DT ch. 13 Kitchener
Orillia 21 No CFTO-TV-21 CTV satellite of CFTO-DT ch. 9 Toronto
Oshawa 22 48 CHEX-TV-2 CBC semi-satellite of CHEX-TV 12 Peterborough
Ottawa/Gatineau, Quebec 30 30.1 CIVO-TV T-Q satellite of CIVM-TV ch. 17 Montréal
Ottawa/Gatineau, Quebec 34 34.1 CFGS-TV V
Ottawa/Gatineau, Quebec 40 40.1 CHOT-TV TVA
Ottawa 25 4.1 CBOT-DT CBC
Ottawa 6 6.1 CIII-DT-6 Global
Ottawa 9 9.1 CBOFT-DT R-C
Ottawa 22 11.1 CHCH-TV-1 CHCH-DT
Ottawa 13 13.1 CJOH-DT CTV
Ottawa 20 14.1 CJMT-TV-2 Omni Television
Ottawa 24 24.1 CICO-DT-24 TVO satellite of CICA-TV ch. 19 Toronto
Ottawa 42 32.1 CITS-TV-1 CTS
Ottawa 43 43.1 CHRO-TV-2 CTV Two
Ottawa 27 60.1 CFMT-TV-2 Omni Television
Ottawa 17 65.1 CITY-TV-3 Citytv
Paris 6 6.1 CIII-DT Global
Pembroke 5 No CHRO-TV CTV Two
Peterborough 12 No CHEX-TV CBC
Peterborough 27 No CIII-TV-27 Global satellite of CIII-TV
Peterborough 35 54.1 CFTO-TV-54 CTV
Sault Ste. Marie 2 No CHBX-TV CTV
Sault Ste. Marie 12 No CIII-TV-12 Global satellite of CIII-TV ch. 41 Toronto
Sault Ste. Marie 20 No CICO-TV-20 TVOntario
Sault Ste. Marie 38 No CHCH-TV-5 CHCH-DT
Sudbury 5 No CICI-TV CTV
Sudbury 11 No CFGC-TV Global satellite of CIII-DT ch. 41 Toronto
Sudbury 25 No CHLF TFO
Sudbury 41 No CHCH-TV-4 CHCH-TV
Thunder Bay 2 2.1 CKPR-DT CBC
Thunder Bay 4 4 CHFD-DT CTV
Thunder Bay 9 9.1 CICO-TV-9 TVO satellite of CICA-TV ch. 19 Toronto
Timmins 3 No CITO-TV CTV
Timmins 11 No CHCH-TV-7 CHCH-DT
Timmins 13 No CIII-TV-13 Global satellite of CIII-TV
Toronto 20 5.1 CBLT CBC
Toronto 9 9.1 CFTO-DT CTV
Toronto 19 19.1 CICA-TV TVO
Toronto 25 25.1 CBLFT-DT R-C
Toronto 41 41.1 CIII-TV-41 Global satellite of CIII-TV ch. 6 Paris/Toronto
Toronto 47 47.1 CFMT-DT Omni Television
Toronto 44 57.1 CITY-DT Citytv
Toronto 53 69.1 CJMT-DT Omni Television
Wheatley 16 16.1 CHWI-DT CTV Two Broadcasts from Stevenson, northeast of Wheatley, serving Chatham–Kent, Leamington, and Essex County
Windsor 9 9.1 CBET-DT CBC Broadcasts from McGregor, Ontario
Windsor 32 32.1 CICO-TV-32 TVO Broadcasts from McGregor, Ontario
Windsor 26 60.1 CHWI-TV-60 CTV Two Broadcasts from Victoria Park Place apartment tower, in Downtown Windsor
Wingham 8 No CKNX-TV CTV Two
Woodstock 31 31 31.1 CITY-DT-2 CITY-DT

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