List of Students of Olivier Messiaen

As well as being a prominent composer, the Frenchman Olivier Messiaen was a noted teacher of musical analysis, harmony and composition at the Paris Conservatoire from the 1940s until he retired in 1978. He also taught classes at the Darmstadt new music summer school in 1949 and 1950. This list of students of Olivier Messiaen contains some of the musicians who (like Pierre Boulez, Yvonne Loriod and George Benjamin) attended his classes, or who (like Peter Hill and Jennifer Bate) studied privately with the composer or collaborated with him in preparation for their performances of his music.

  • Olivier Alain
  • Émilien Allard
  • Gilbert Amy
  • Solange Ancona
  • Françoise Aubert
  • Jean Barraqué (Paris Conservatoire)
  • Jennifer Bate
  • Sadao Bekku
  • George Benjamin (Paris Conservatoire, later half of 1970s)
  • Easley Blackwood, Jr. (Paris Conservatoire, 1954)
  • William Bolcom (Paris Conservatoire, 1960)
  • Pierre Boulez (Paris Conservatoire, 1940s)
  • Qigang Chen
  • Quincy Jones
  • Marius Constant
  • Nguyen-Thien Dao
  • Peter Maxwell Davies (auditeur at the Paris Conservatoire)
  • Michel Decoust
  • Didier Denis
  • Raymond Depraz
  • Liam Devlin
  • Michel Fano (Paris Conservatoire)
  • Jean-Louis Florentz
  • Michèle Foison
  • Kazuoki Fujii
  • Serge Garant
  • Odette Gartenlaube
  • Steven Gellman
  • Alexander Goehr (Paris Conservatoire)
  • Karel Goeyvaerts (Paris Conservatoire, late 1940s)
  • Yvette Grimaud
  • Gérard Grisey (Paris Conservatoire)
  • Jean-Pierre Guézec
  • Chang Hao
  • Mitsuaki Hayama
  • Marcus Tristan Heathcock
  • Peter Hill
  • Ivan Jevtić
  • Betsy Jolas (late 1940s)
  • Oliver Knussen
  • Jean-Pierre Leguay
  • Maurice Le Roux (Paris Conservatoire)
  • Michaël Lévinas (Paris Conservatoire)
  • Gerald Levinson (Paris Conservatoire, 1970s)
  • Yvonne Loriod (Paris Conservatoire, 1940s, she became the composer's second wife)
  • Alain Louvier
  • François-Bernard Mâche
  • Loïc Mallié
  • Jean-Louis Martinet (Paris Conservatoire)
  • Roger Matton
  • Paul Méfano
  • Jacques-Louis Monod (Paris Conservatoire, 1940s)
  • Tristan Murail (Paris Conservatoire, 1967-72)
  • Serge Nigg (Paris Conservatoire)
  • Raffi Ourgandjian
  • David Patterson (studied with Messiaen at the Paris Conservatoire in 1963)
  • Jean-Louis Petit
  • José Almeida Prado
  • Marta Ptaszynska
  • Michèle Reverdy
  • Mauricio Rosenmann (Paris Conservatoire, 1962-64)
  • Kimi Sato
  • Nicolas Panagopoulos(studied with Messiaen at the Paris Conservatoire 1974-1978)
  • Georges Savaria (Schola Cantorum de Paris, 1930s)
  • Pia Sebastiani
  • Robert Sherlaw Johnson (Paris Conservatoire)
  • Makito Shinohara
  • Karlheinz Stockhausen (Paris Conservatoire, 1952)
  • Mié Marie Takumi
  • Akira Tamba
  • Roger Tessier
  • Mikis Theodorakis (Paris Conservatoire, 1950s)
  • Gilles Tremblay
  • Robert Turner
  • Igor Wakhévitch
  • Iannis Xenakis (briefly referred to Messiaen at the Paris Conservatoire in 1951)
  • Susumu Yoshida

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