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Iori Tokiwa

Tokiwa Iori (常盤 庵?)

As of the beginning of Hikari's 2nd year of high school, she is tied 2nd place with Iori Tokiwa, the second son of the head of the Tokiwa Hospital. He has a sickly younger sister who has been receiving medical treatment outside the prefecture and has only recently returned to Tokyo. Upon his introduction, Iori's score on the most recent examination results in the rankings of everyone below Hikari to drop by one place. He also wants to get first place, so Hikari sees him as both a rival and a friend. He dreams of becoming a beautician, so he works part-time in order to earn money, even if it is against school rules to do so, and lives in one room apartment by himself. He develops feelings for Hikari and intends to compete with Kei for Hikari, who is largely unaware of Iori's romantic feelings toward her. After Hikari agrees to grant him a wish if he obtains first place, Iori ties with Kei on the midterm exams and tells Hikari to break up with Kei, though he later brushes it off as a joke. He eventually realizes that Hikari loves Kei and for his wish, he asks Hikari for them to always remain good friends. He first appears in chapter 76.

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