List of South African English Regionalisms - List - C-E


  • cafe - when pronounced /kæˈfiː/ refers to a convenience store not a coffee shop (originally such stores sold coffee and other basic items)
  • china - (e.g. howzit my china?) - abbreviated rhyming slang, "china plate", for "mate" also used in Cockney rhyming slang; derived from Chum
  • chips - Potato crisps by default, but may also used for French fries, which are more commonly referred to as 'slap chips' (pronounced 'slupp', Afrikaans for drooping, not firm).
  • circle - traffic circle or roundabout
  • Coloured - refers to typically brown skinned South Africans of mixed European and Khoisan or black and/or Malay ancestry.
  • cool drink, cold drink - soft drink, fizzy drink not necessarily chilled
  • dagga - marijuana, dag-gah, dagca (similar in pronunciation to an Arabic herb)
  • dam - also used to mean a reservoir
  • donga - a ditch of the type found in South African topography (from Zulu, 'wall')
  • dumpy - bottled beer 330ml.
  • erf plural erven - a plot of land for a building (from Cape Dutch).

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