List of Short Fiction Made Into Feature Films - A-E - S-Z


Short fiction Film adaptation(s)
"Sardonicus" (1961), Ray Russell Mr. Sardonicus (1961)
"Second Variety" (1953), Philip K. Dick Screamers (1995)
* Screamers: The Hunting (2009)
"The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" (1939), James Thurber The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (1947)
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (TBA 2012)
Secret Window, Secret Garden (1990), Stephen King Secret Window (2004)
The Seed and the Sower (1963), Laurens van der Post Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence (1983)
"The Sentinel" (a. k. a. "Sentinel of Eternity") (1951), Arthur C. Clarke 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
"The Shadow Over Innsmouth" (1936), H. P. Lovecraft Lemora (1973)
Dagon (2001)
Cthulu (2007)
"Shopgirl" (2000), Steve Martin Shopgirl (2005)
"The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber" (1936), Ernest Hemingway The Macomber Affair (1947)
"A Situation of Gravity" (1957), Samuel W. Taylor The Absent-Minded Professor (1961)
* Son of Flubber (1963)
The Absent-Minded Professor (1988) (TV)
* The Absent-Minded Professor: Trading Places (1989) (TV)
Flubber (1997)
"The Snows of Kilimanjaro" (1936), Ernest Hemingway The Snows of Kilimanjaro (1952)
The Snows of Kilimanjaro (2011)
"The Sobbin' Women" (1938), Stephen Vincent Benét Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954)
"Sometimes They Come Back" (1974), Stephen King Sometimes They Come Back (1991) (TV)
* Sometimes They Come Back... Again (1996) (TV)
** Sometimes They Come Back... for More (1998) (TV)
"Spurs" (1923), Tod Robbins Freaks (1932)
"St. Dragon and the George" (1957), Gordon R. Dickson The Flight of Dragons (1982) (TV)
"The Statement of Randolph Carter" (1920), H. P. Lovecraft The Unnamable II: The Statement of Randolph Carter (1993)
13:de mars, 1941 (2004)
Kammaren (2007)
The Testimony of Randolph Carter (2009)
"Steel" (1956), Richard Matheson Real Steel (2011)
"A Story Like the Wind" (1972), Laurens van der Post A Far Off Place (1993)
"Suburbs" (1930), Vera Caspary The Night of June 13 (1932)
Scandal Street (1938)
"Super-Toys Last All Summer Long" (1969), Brian Aldiss A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001)
"Tales of the South Pacific" (1947), James A. Michener South Pacific (1958)
South Pacific (2001)
"There Shall Be No Darkness" (1950), James Blish The Beast Must Die (1974)
"The Third Man" (1948), Graham Greene The Third Man (1949)
"The Thought Monster" (1930), Amelia Reynolds Long Fiend Without a Face (1958)
"トニー滝谷" ("Tonī Takitani") (1990), Haruki Murakami Tony Takitani (2004)
"Toomai of the Elephants" (1894), Rudyard Kipling Elephant Boy (1937)
"The Traitor" (1928), W. Somerset Maugham Secret Agent (1936)
"Traumnovelle" ("Dream Story") (1925–1926) (serial), (1926) (novel), Arthur Schnitzler Eyes Wide Shut (1999)
"Troll Bridge" (1991) (written), (1992) (published), Terry Pratchett Troll Bridge (TBA 2013)
"Trucks" (1973), Stephen King Maximum Overdrive (1986)
Trucks (1997) (TV)
The Turn of the Screw (1898), Henry James Matinee Theater: The Others (1957)
The Turn of the Screw (1959/I) (TV)
The Turn of the Screw (1959/II) (TV)
The Innocents (1961)
* The Nightcomers (1971) (prequel to above)
Die sündigen Engel (1962) (TV)
Le tour d'écrou (1974) (TV)
The Turn of the Screw (1974/I) (TV)
The Turn of the Screw (1982) (TV)
Otra vuelta de tuerca (1985)
Nightmare Classics: The Turn of the Screw (1989) (TV)
The Turn of the Screw - Die Drehung der Schraube (1990) (TV)
The Turn of the Screw (1992)
The Turn of the Screw (1994)
The Haunting of Helen Walker (a. k. a. The Turn of the Screw) (1995) (TV)
Presence of Mind (1999)
The Turn of the Screw (1999) (TV)
Le tour d'écrou (2001) (TV)
The others (2001)
The Turn of the Screw (2003)
In a Dark Place (2006)
The Turn of the Screw (2009) (TV)
The Turn of the Screw (2009/I) (TV)
The Turn of the Screw 3D (TBA 2013)
"Two Bad Hats" (1937), Monckton Hoffe The Lady Eve (1941)
The Birds and the Bees (1956)
"The Undefeated" (1996), Irvine Welsh Ecstasy (2009)
Up at the Villa (1941), W. Somerset Maugham Up at the Villa (2000)
"The Vessel of Wrath" (1931), W. Somerset Maugham Vessel of Wrath (1938)
The Beachcomber (1954)
The Vessel of Wrath (1970) (TV)
Wilson's Reward (1980) (TV)
The Virgin and the Gypsy (1926) (written), (1930) (published), D. H. Lawrence The Virgin and the Gypsy (1970)
"The Wax Works" (1930), Charles Spencer Belden Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933)
House of Wax (1953)
House of Wax (2005)
"We Can Remember It for You Wholesale" (1966), Philip K. Dick Total Recall (1990)
Total Recall (2012)
Andre Dubus short stories
"We Don't Live Here Anymore" (1975)
* "Adultery" (1977)
We Don't Live Here Anymore (2004)
Weeds (1976), Stephen King Creepshow (1982)
"Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?" (1966), Joyce Carol Oates Smooth Talk (1985)
"White Nights" (1848), Fyodor Dostoyevsky White Nights (1959)
Le notti bianche (1957)
Chhalia (1960)
Four Nights of a Dreamer (1971)
شب های روشن (The White Nights) (2002)
Iyarkai (2003)
Ahista Ahista (2006)
Saawariya (2007)
Two Lovers (2009)
"Who Am I This Time?" (1961), Kurt Vonnegut Who Am I This Time? (1982) (TV)
"Who Goes There?" (1938), John W. Campbell, Jr. The Thing from Another World (1951)
The Thing (1982)
* The Thing (2011) (prequel to above)
"The Wisdom of Eve" (1946), Mary Orr All About Eve (1950)
"Your Arkansas Traveler" (1955), Budd Schulberg A Face in the Crowd (1957)
"Youth Without Youth" ("Tinereţe fără tinereţe") (1976), Mircea Eliade Youth Without Youth (2007)
"Zorro" (1919–1959) (series), Johnston McCulley Zorro (1920–1925) (series)
The Mark of Zorro (1920)
* Don Q, Son of Zorro (1925)
The Bold Caballero (1936)
Zorro (1937–1949) (serials)
Zorro Rides Again (1937)
* Zorro's Fighting Legion (1939)
** Zorro's Black Whip (1944)
*** Son of Zorro (1947)
**** Ghost of Zorro (1949)
The Mark of Zorro (1940)
Disney's Zorro (1958–1959) (series)
The Sign of Zorro (1958)
* Zorro, the Avenger (1959)
Zorro (1961)
* The Shadow of Zorro (a. k. a. Zorro the Avenger) (1962)
The Mark of Zorro (1974) (TV)
La Gran Aventura Del Zorro (1974)
Zorro (1975)
Zorro, The Gay Blade (1981)
Zorro (1998–2005) (series)
The Mask of Zorro (1998)
* The Legend of Zorro (2005)
"Звезда" ("Zvezda"; or, "The Star") (1947), Emmanuil G. Kazakevich Zvezda (The Star) (2002)

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