List of Shipwrecks in 1876

The list of shipwrecks in 1876 includes all ships sunk, foundered, grounded, or otherwise lost during 1876.

Operator Ship Flag Class Cause Location Notes
3 February A A Low & Brother Surprise Clipper Ran aground Kaneda Bay
3 March Montell & Co Carrier Dove Clipper Ran aground Stone Horse Shoals, Tybee
22 April Dunraven steamship struck reef and sank Red Sea approaches to the Suez Canal
14 June John Sprott Geltwood Barque Struck reef, capsized and sank Lake Bonney, South Australia 37°37′36″S 140°10′51″E / 37.62667°S 140.18083°E / -37.62667; 140.18083
15 July Davis & Copper Acme Schooner Ran aground Seal Rocks, New South Wales
20 July Mohawk Yacht Capsized and sank on Maiden Voyage with loss of all crew New York Harbor Later raised and repaired, served with the United States Coast & Geodetic Survey and United States Navy.
24 August Steinmann, Ludwig & Co. C F Funch Steamship. Cargo caught fire, ship beached and broke in two. Rammekens, Netherlands.
20 November Alexandre Smyers & Co. Delloye Matthieu Steamship. Ran aground. Ostergarnholm, Sweden. 11 crew lost.
1 December Georgette steamship sank in storm Calgardup Bay, Western Australia 12 drowned
9 December SS Woodham steamship sank 3 miles out the coast of Lisbon; departed Odessa bound to Freemantle Capt. Thomaz B. Page
Unknown date Lammermuir Clipper Departed Adelaide 10 November 1876 bound for London No further trace.

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