List of Sekirei Characters - Izumo Inn (North City) - Miya Asama

Voiced by: Sayaka Ohara (Japanese), Monica Rial (English)

Miya Asama (浅間 美哉, Asama Miya?, Sekirei #00, renumbered #01) is the landlady of the Izumo Inn and the oldest Sekirei. Takehito, her husband and supposed Ashikabi, worked at MBI as a researcher, but died. She also stated that she left MBI due to the events that caused his death. She states she never refuses anyone needing shelter. However, she prohibits fighting and obscenity in her house, although she passively does wiretapping using a rubber duck speaker with glasses and a #2 on its forehead that she refers to as "Duck-san" (made by Matsu). As of now, Kusano, Matsu, Kazehana and Homura know of Duck-san, but they are all threatened by her not to tell the others of it. She trains both Musubi and Tsukiumi to help them win Sekirei battles. Whenever she becomes angry, annoyed, or if any person breaks the rules of the house, and when she is giving threats, a demonic visage appears behind her, and is frightening enough to scare even Homura and Tsukiumi into submission. It is possible that she learned it from Takehito doing it first, which made her smile at for the first time. She is the only Sekirei who was never winged because Takehito, the man she loved, wasn't an Ashikabi.

It is strongly implied that Miya is the strongest Sekirei, even referred to by #4 Karasuba as "another dimension". Miya was the leader of the first Discipline Squad (known as the "S-Plan Guardians") and displayed the power to sink several large warships. She is a swordswoman of unrivaled skill, with the ability to produce powerful directed shock waves with a swing of her sword. Due to her fearsome reputation, no Ashikabi or Sekirei have dared to attack the Izumo Inn and has earned her the title "Hannya of the North" (北の般若, Kita no Hannya?). She violently conceals her true identity and past from others, with only members of the first Discipline Squad & Homura knowing the truth before she shares her secret with Minato. When Minato asked about Sekirei #01, Miya cryptically responded by saying that "she" died along with Takehito. Her Jinki (numbered #1) was a prize for the winner of the first match of the Third Stage and it is currently in the hands of the South.

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