List of Sea Quest DSV Episodes - Season 2 (1994-1995)

Season 2 (1994-1995)

Title Original airdate Production Episode #
"Daggers" September 18, 1994 201 & 202 24
The crew of the new seaQuest shove-off from New Cape Quest, but their shakedown cruise is interrupted when Genetically Engineered Life Forms (G.E.L.F.s) revolt and seize control of their island colony as well as a defensive weapons space base and threaten to suffocate the human race.
"The Fear That Follows" September 25, 1994 203 25
The engineers of the alien spacecraft that the original seaQuest discovered before her destruction receive the message sent by the crew and relay their intentions, through Darwin, to make first contact with the human race. While Lucas and the rest of the crew are ecstatic, General Thomas and a hot-shot UEO lieutenant can only see things from a military perspective.
"Sympathy For the Deep" October 2, 1994 204 26
A parapsychologic experiment gone terribly wrong has driven the residents of the peaceful Miranda Colony to near insanity, including Captain Bridger's old girlfriend, who pleads with him for help. When the seaQuest arrives, they too are affected.
"Playtime" October 23, 1994 206 28
A distant call for help pulls the seaQuest through an underwater anomaly, propelling the boat 225 years into the future where they find that mankind has destroyed itself, leaving only two teenaged kids as the only human life left on Earth.
"Special Delivery" December 11, 1994 210 32
When Dr. Smith performs psychological evaluations on the crew, Commander Ford allows Dagwood to take shore leave. Trouble soon arises when he is accused of murdering the man who created him, something he does not remember doing. Sentenced to life in prison, Ford and Brody attempt to give Dagwood a small taste of a life he's never had and never will.
"The Sincerest Form of Flattery" November 13, 1994 207 29
A programmer obtains a computerized copy of Captain Bridger's personality and uses it to automate an experimental submarine. When the project goes awry, Bridger must go one-on-one with himself before the submarine can destroy the seaQuest and level New Cape Quest with a missile attack which will kill everyone in the city.
"Vapors" October 9, 1994 205 27
While on shore leave, Captain Bridger and Dr. Smith struggle with a possible romance after Piccolo inadvertently starts rumours about them in the maglev. Meanwhile, Henderson and O'Neill go out on a date, while Ford, Brody and Ortiz try to find dates. On their shore leave, Piccolo, Lucas and Dagwood respond to Piccolo's father's plea for help. (Special guest star: Dom DeLuise)
"By Any Other Name" November 20, 1994 208 30
A distress call from an underwater horticultural colony brings the seaQuest and her crew to investigate. However, the seemingly benign colony is not what it appears to be when a flower picked by Henderson is brought back to the boat and begins to mutate.
"When We Dead Awaken" November 27, 1994 209 31
Brody's mother suddenly reappears in her son's life after being cryogenically frozen for twenty-two years, though their reunion may be short lived as she is soon targeted by an assassin; an assassin who's affiliated with someone the seaQuest crew is familiar with.
"Dead End" December 18, 1994 211 33
Lucas, Brody, O'Neill and Henderson are pulled beneath the Earth's surface in a seaLaunch into an underground cavern. With not enough air for them all to return to the surface, they must take their chances in a lottery. When Lucas comes up short, he must come to terms with being condemned to death.
"Meltdown" January 8, 1995 212 34
An undersea mining operation raises the temperature in the South Atlantic, releasing a behemoth prehistoric crocodile from its icy tomb which threatens the life of local inhabitants, including an undersea farming team led by Commander Ford's family.
"Lostland" January 15, 1995 213 35
On a deep diving mission, Commander Ford discovers an ancient gold helmet proving that the lost continent of Atlantis once existed. However, when Captain Bridger and Ortiz try the helmet on, they are consumed by the ancient curse sealed within and begin lashing out at the crew.
"And Everything Nice" January 22, 1995 214 36
On the mainland, Lucas falls for a beautiful woman and asks to resign from his position. However, he soon becomes ensnared in an elaborate scheme to seize control of the seaQuest and deal a crippling blow to the UEO.
"Watergate" March 5, 1995 217 37
On a mission to escort rock star Sarah Toenin to a USO show, Lucas and O'Neill discover that nearby Solitaire Island is, in fact, an ancient pyramid. Upon making the discovery, Sarah speaks in strange tongues that O'Neill recognizes as Ancient Greek, foretelling the coming of Neptune, the God of the sea.
"Dream Weaver" February 19, 1995 215 38
When a comet splashes into the water near seaQuest`s location, it mysteriously disintegrates into particles, which cocoons the boat and impregnates it with an aggressive alien predator that disables the boat and attacks the crew. (Special guest star: Mark Hamill.)
"Alone" February 26, 1995 216 39
Dr. Smith must risk her life in a battle of the mind against "The Avatar", a powerful paranormal being who threatens the world's security with his ability to place world leaders into comas.
"Something in the Air" March 19, 1995 218 40
The crew protects a group of researchers at an abandoned mining outpost while they study an ancient chest found buried in the Mediterranean. However, the chest turns out to be a Pandora's Box that unleashes a demon on the away team.
"Dagger Redux" April 2, 1995 219 41
A legendary computer hacker known as “The Marauder” breaks Mariah out of prison to use her desire for revenge against Captain Bridger to destroy the seaQuest, leaving the sea free to be mined for prehistoric insect fuel whom "The Marauder" believes to be the missing element in cold fusion. Meanwhile, feeling stagnated aboard the boat, O'Neill takes a leave of absence, but soon finds himself in Mariah's clutches.
"The Siamese Dream" April 30, 1995 220 42
When Piccolo and Dagwood mysteriously share a nightmare, Dr. Smith takes them to a parapsychology facility to try and help them, administered by her former love, Clay Marshall. But is the dream real, or is Marshall attempting to gain access to the seaQuest?
"Blindsided" September 13, 1995 222 43
When his airplane crashes in the South American jungle, Piccolo is kidnapped by a ruthless dictator who has been secretly creating cloaked artificial life-forms that have gone out of control.
"Splashdown" May 21, 1995 221 44
The image of Commander Keller appears to the crew and asks them to the “Christmas Tree Trench.” Upon arrival, a massive alien starship draws seaQuest from the water and takes them billions of light-years away to the far distant world of Hyperion where the crew is forced into the middle of a civil war which may result in the destruction of seaQuest and all aboard. (Special guest star: Mark Hamill.)

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