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Minor Characters

  • Lynette Guycott is the drummer for the "Clash at Demonhead". She once had a (now severed) biomechanical arm. She can teleport and is named after Plumtree's drummer Lynette Gillis and Tom Guycot from the video game of the same name. In the original book and in the video game, she has an affair with Todd Ingram, Envy's boyfriend. Lynette is played by Tennessee Thomas in the film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. The film does not portray Lynette having an affair with Todd.
  • Hollie is Kim's 25-year-old co-worker and former roommate. She is described as nice, though she and Kim have a falling out after Kim learns that her boyfriend at the time, Jason Kim, cheated on her with Hollie. Regarding why Hollie cheated on Kim, Bryan Lee O'Malley said "Kim lived with a bunch of people she hated, then moved in with someone she liked, and ended up hating her too. We only see Kim’s side of the story, but maybe I’m suggesting that Kim is part of the problem here. It kind of goes with the “personal hero narrative” theme of the series. Kim is complicated."
  • Joseph is Hollie and Kim's 24-year-old, soft-spoken (but abrasive) gay roommate who owns recording equipment. He has a crush on Todd Ingram and finds Stephen Stills attractive. This leads him to help Sex Bob-omb record their album. By the end of the series, he and Stephen are revealed to be in a relationship together after Stephen realizes that he is gay and comes out.
  • The Boys!! And Crash!! (formerly Crash And The Boys) is another local band composed of Luke "Crash" Wilson, the singer and guitarist, Joel MacMillan, the bass player, as well as Trisha "Trasha" Ha, the drummer. As with other bands in the story, they are named after a video game. After changing their name, the band learns an advanced technique which allows them to manipulate pure sound waves through hard work and willpower alone so that they no longer need to play instruments. They help Scott defeat Todd Ingram. In the film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Crash is played by Erik Knudsen, Joel is played by Maurie W. Kaufmann and Trasha is played by Abigail Chu. In the movie, however, Crash, Joel and Trisha are incinerated by a stray fireball in Scott's battle against Matthew Patel. The band is not a reference to The Locust or to any real life band.
  • Michael Comeau is a friend of Scott who, as stated by the books, "knows everybody (including you)." Based on Bryan Lee O'Malley's friend of the same name, a Toronto graphic artist. He has a ring which helps him identify people's names, which he claims to have obtained from the future itself. In the film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Comeau is played by Nelson Franklin.
  • Sandra is a former classmate of Scott's and described as "kind of a ditz." In the film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Sandra is played by Kristina Pesic.
  • Monique is another ex-classmate of Scott's, described as "kind of an bitch." In the film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Monique is played by Ingrid Haas. Sandra and Monique were named after two classmates of O'Malley who attended middle school with him circa 1991-1992.
  • Sara is one of Kim Pine's unpleasant former roommates.
  • Simon Lee is a figure from Scott's and Kim's past who used to date Kim and later kidnapped her. He resembles Gideon. However, it is revealed in volume 6 that this is only because Gideon was using subspace to alter Scott's memories and Simon Lee, in reality, looks nothing like Gideon. In the Scott Pilgrim vs. the Animation shorts, Simon is voiced by Jason Schwartzman.
  • Tamara Chen is Knives' 17-year-old best friend and typically a rational foil to Knives' crazy plans and ramblings. In the film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Tamara is played by Chantelle Chung.
  • Lisa Miller is an old high school friend of Scott and Kim's, as well as an actress in a Canadian soap opera, who is introduced in a flashback at the start of volume 2. She returns in volume 4, instigating one-sided sexual tension between her and Scott, causing Ramona to become jealous, despite Scott's ignorance of Lisa's advances. She and Scott later discuss why they never acted on their possible attractions to one another in high school and through their discussion, Scott comes to terms with his feelings of genuine love toward Ramona. Lisa then moves to California to further pursue her acting career and is given a big farewell dinner by the rest of the characters. In the Scott Pilgrim vs. the Animation shorts, Lisa is voiced by Mae Whitman. Like Kim Pine, the name Lisa Miller was first used by Bryan Lee O'Malley in his short-lived comic strip "Style". O'Malley created the idea of Mae Whitman voicing Lisa in the animated short. In terms of Lisa's height, O'Malley said that it was "medium".
  • Scott is Wallace's gay best friend, who Scott Pilgrim calls "other Scott". His last name is unknown. In the film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, "Other Scott" is rewritten as Wallace's boyfriend and is played by Ben Lewis.
  • Jimmy was Stacy's boyfriend, until Wallace seduced him. In the film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Jimmy is played by Kjartan Hewitt.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Pilgrim are Scott's parents, featured in flashbacks in volume 2 and 3 and appear in the present in volume 5, helping Scott move into his new apartment. His father appears to spoil Scott, which his mother chastises. O'Malley has suggested that the character "Vincent" in the short comic "Monica Beetle" (which originally appeared in the "Project: Superior" anthology) might be Scott Pilgrim's dad having "Pilgrim"-esque adventures in 1974.
  • Lawrence West Pilgrim is Scott's younger brother. He is first mentioned in volume 2 and appears in volume 5. He owns the bass guitar Scott uses. He has worn glasses since he was 14. Scott later gets confused and mistakes him (and everyone with glasses in the end of Volume 5) for Gideon. His name is a reference to a subway stop in Toronto. His given name is "Lawrence West" and his family name is Pilgrim. O'Malley intended to make a "very different character" who had a significant role in the plot of Volume 5. O'Malley decided that "I was getting too far away from the Scott/Ramona relationship, adding too many new characters, and I decided to re-focus the book on the core cast."
  • Jason Kim is a friend of Kim's who owns a car and helps her move to her place with Hollie. Scott never remembers who he is, but apparently he and Kim were dating at some point. Jason eventually cheats on her with Hollie, which caused them to break-up.
  • Mr. Chau is Knives's father. He has a collection of antique samurai swords. His discovery that Knives had dated a white guy causes him to go on a rampage, hunting Scott down and attacking him with his samurai swords. Scott later gains his approval, prompting him to tell Knives that he will not mind if she dates another white guy in the future (his only spoken dialogue), but says it in Chinese, so consequently she does not understand. Mr. Chau appears in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game as an unlockable character that can be summoned to momentarily aid the player in combat. He is unlocked by encountering him on the overworld map and defeating him in combat.
  • Mobile is Wallace's boyfriend. He and Wallace meet while dancing at a club and the two are revealed to have been dating since Volume 3. He and Wallace move in together at the end of Volume 4 and he makes his first appearance in Volume 5. He is psychic and according to Wallace, he "attends business on the astral plane."
  • The Vegan Police are a group that appear briefly at the conclusion of Volume 3, shown to have jurisdiction over the actions of psychic vegans. Two of their officers (one wiry and Caucasian, the other resembling Budai) appear out of nowhere during a protracted battle between Scott Pilgrim and Todd Ingram. As punishment for cheating on his vegan diet, they strip Todd of his powers, allowing Scott to finally defeat him. In the film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, the two officers are played (uncredited) by Thomas Jane and Clifton Collins Jr. respectively. They vaguely resemble the Andys from Edgar Wright's Hot Fuzz.
  • NegaScott is the dark "negative" side of Scott, a reminder of all the mistakes Scott has made in the past. Scott had been running from it for so long, which is partly why his memories are a bit inaccurate. When Scott encounters NegaScott in volume 6, Kim reminds him to stop running from his mistakes. Upon remembering Ramona, Scott stops fighting it and merges with it, restoring his memory. NegaScott is played by Michael Cera in the film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. In the movie adaptation Negascott is revealed to be the ultimate film boss and appears just as Scott defeats Gideon in similar fashion to the shadow clone final boss from the Double Dragon II kick and punch videogame from the 80s. However, Scott befriends NegaScott instead of fighting with him since he found out that they both "had a lot in common". NegaScott is an unlockable character in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game.
  • Winifred Hailey is a 16-year old actress who was due to star in a movie with Lucas Lee before he was defeated by Scott Pilgrim. In Free Scott Pilgrim, several poster images of Winifred come to life, apparently due to some ninja magic. They attack Scott who, being afraid of hitting girls, forces Ramona to use him as a puppet to fight them. When they are defeated, they burst into several free beverage coupons. In the film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, she briefly appears on the film set at Casa Loma. She is played by Emily Kassie.

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