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Virgo Asmita

Age: 21
Voiced by: Akira Ishida

Virgo Asmita (乙女座(バルゴ)のアスミタ, Barugo no Asumita?) is the Virgo Gold Saint in Lost Canvas. Asmita is blind (being called "the blind Saint"), and says his eyes maintain closed and he can't open them. Asmita has an introspective personality and practices Buddhism in the Sanctuary, something not accepted by Taurus Aldebaran. He does not consider Sasha as a good goddess as she is the sister of Alone and he has thought of betraying and killing her. His ideology remains unchanged until he encounters Pegasus Tenma in the Underworld and recognizes their strength.

Asmita can perform a large number of techniques inspired by Hinduism and Buddhism tradition, such as Om (ॐ) to flare his Cosmo to the maximum, and the Hāṃ (カーン, Kān?) to create a barrier around him. Demon Pacifier (天魔降伏, Tenma Kōfuku?) is a powerful attack which manifests Asmita's Cosmo physically between his palms. Afterward, a powerful burst of light obliterates any adversary. Six Paths of Transmigration (六道輪廻, Rikudō Rinne?) allows Asmita to send his opponent to one of the six rebirth realms of Saṃsāra doctrine. He is also able to perform Heavenly Supremacy of spirits of rivers and mountains over evil (天空覇邪魑魅魍魎, Tenkūhaja Chimimōryō?), summoning spiritual entities that kill the opponents. An additional technique is revealed in his Anecdotes chapter, the Demon subduer Mudra (降魔印, Gōma'in?), which he uses to negate the attack of an Specter during a trip to one of the Six Realms of afterlife.

His most powerful technique, an offensive and defensive move representing the perfect balance and truth of the universe, is The Treasures of Heavens (天舞宝輪, Tenbu Hōrin?), which allows him to destroy all five senses of enemies.

Asmita sacrifices himself by awakening the 8th Sense in order to create the 108 counts Mala, so Hades' warriors cannot return to life. In that moment, he also regains his eyesight and before dying he entrusts Athena to Tenma. Still, it seems his soul is bound to Tenma's Cloth by the blood he used to repair it.

In flashbacks, it was revealed that Asmita was also known as the man who is almost a god, and that he prevented Gemini Defteros from killing the Pope and prepared to engage Gemini Aspros on a One Thousand Days War (千日戦争, Wan Sauzando Wōzu?), a battle between Gold Saints. By order of the Pope, Asmita faced Defteros instead, performing his Dharmacakra Mudra (転法輪印, Tenpōrin'in?) allowing the younger Gemini to dissipate his doubts and see his true identity, thus helping him free himself from his brother's control. Later on, Tenma's Pegasus Cloth reaches a new level of endurance due to Asmita's blood.

He last appears in spiritual form during the attack of golden light unleashed by the Gold Saints on Hades.

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