List of RWTH Aachen University People - Politicians and Public Figures - Public Figures

Public Figures

  • Wolfgang Back – TV journalist
  • Young-Sup Huh – President of the Green Cross Corporation, RWTH-Honorary senator
  • Andreas Jiman – IT Consultant for Indonesian National Police – National Crime Information Center
  • Arno Joentgen – Magician
  • Hugo Junkers – Industrialist and academic
  • Karlheinz Kaske – CEO of Siemens AG (1982–1991)
  • Theo Lieven – Entrepreneur (founder of Vobis)
  • Jürgen von der Lippe – Comedian
  • Sonia Mikich – TV correspondent and top editor
  • Franz-Josef Paefgen – CEO of Bentley Motors, former CEO of Audi AG
  • Wolfgang Rudolph – TV Journalist
  • Hans Wilhelm Schlegel – Astronaut
  • Christoph Schmallenbach – CEO of AMB Generali
  • Hans Ernst Schneider/Hans Schwerte – Rector of RWTH under fake name (1970–1973). Identified as a former SS member, and all his rights were revoked
  • Ulrich Schumacher – former CEO of Infineon (2000–2004)
  • Kemal Şahin – Turkish entrepreneur (Şahinler Group)
  • Mario Theissen – Boss of BMW's Formula One racing division
  • Wendelin Wiedeking – former CEO of Porsche, member in the supervisory board of Volkswagen

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