List of Roman Auxiliary Regiments - TABLE II: Index of Ethnic Regimental Names

TABLE II: Index of Ethnic Regimental Names

Linguistic group code

  • C = Celtic language group
  • X = non Indo-European language
  • X/C = non Indo-European base with strong Celtic influence
  • X/S = Semitic language group
TABLE II: ROMAN AUXILIARY REGIMENTS: Index of ethnic regimental names
territory (approx.)
Further information
Afrorum Afri Africa Tunisia Berber (X)
Alpinorum Salassi Alpes Tres Val d'Aosta, NW It Ligurian (X/C) Alpine regiments of the Roman army
Antiochensium Antiochenses Syria Antakya Turkey Aramaic (X/S)
Aquitanorum Aquitani Aquitania Aquitaine, SW Fr Aquitanian (X)
Apamenorum Apameni Syria Apamea, Syria Aramaic (X/S)
Aravacorum Aravaci Hispania Burgos pr Spain Celtiberian (C)
Ascalonitanorum Ascalonitani Judaea Ascalon, Israel Aramaic (X/S)
Asturum Astures Hispania Asturias N Sp Celtiberian (C)
Athoitarum Autariatae Dalmatia Bosnia Illyrian
Ausetanorum Ausetani Hispania N Barcelona pr Sp Iberian (X)
Baetasiorum Baetasii Germania Inf S Netherlands W Germanic
Batavorum Batavi Germania Inf Betuwe E Neth W Germanic
Bessorum Bessi Thracia Mid Bulgaria Thracian
Biturigum Bituriges Lugdunensis Berry, C France Gaulish (C)
Bosporanorum Bosporani Moesia Inf NE Bulgaria Sarmatian
Bracari Gallaecia Minho, Portugal Gallaecian (C)
Breucorum Breuci Dalmatia N Bosnia Illyrian
Britannia N Britain Brythonic (C)
Burgariorum ? ? ? ?
Campagonum Campagones Hispania N Spain Celtiberian
Campanorum (Roman cit) Italia Campania It. Latin
Canathenorum Canatheni Syria Canatha, Syria Aramaic X/S
Cannanefatium Cananefates Germania Inf S Holland, Neth W Germanic
Cantabrorum Cantabri Hispania Cantabria N Sp. Celtiberian (C)
Celtiberorum Celtiberi Hispania Guadalajara Spain Celtiberian (C)
Chalcidenorum Chalcideni Bithynia Chalcedon, Turk Greek
Cilicum Cilices Cilicia Icel/Adana pr Turk Lydian
Cisipadensium (Roman cit) Italia (Aemilia) Emilia-Romagna, It Latin
Commagenorum Commagene Cappadocia Gaziantep pr Turk Greek
Corsorum Corsi Sardinia N Sardinia, It Sardinian
Cretum Cretes Creta Crete, Greece Greek
Cugernorum Cugerni Germania Inf NW Rhineland Ger W Germanic
Dardanorum Dardani Macedonia S Serbia/Kosovo Illyrian
Dacorum Daci Dacia Romania Dacian
Damascenorum Damasceni Syria Damascus, Syria Aramaic (X/S)
Delmatarum Dalmatae Dalmatia Dalmacja, Croatia Illyrian
Frisiavonum Frisiavones Germania Inf N Brabant S Neth W Germanic
Gaesatorum Gaesati Belgica Alsace, Fr Gaulish
Gaetulorum Gaetuli Mauretania Algeria Berber (X)
Galatarum Galatae Galatia Ankara pr C Turk Galatian (C)
Gallaecorum Gallaeci Gallaecia Galicia NW Spain Gallaecian (C)
Gallorum Gauls Lugdunensis NE France Gaulish (C)
Hamiorum Hamii Syria Hama, Syria Aramaic (X/S)
Helvetiorum Helvetii Belgica SW Switzerland Gaulish (C)
Hispanorum Hispani Hispani N Spain Celtiberian (C)
Illyricorum Illyrici Dalmatia Bosnia Illyrian
Ituraeorum Ituraei Syria S Lebanon Aramaic (X/S)
Latobicorum Latobici Pannonia C Bosnia Illyrian
Lemavorum Lemavi Gallaecia Galicia (Spain) Celtiberian (C)
Ligurum Ligures Italia (Liguria) Liguria, It Ligurian (X/C) Alpine regiments of the Roman army
Lingonum Lingones Belgica Langres, NE Fr Gaulish (C)
Lucensium Lucenses Gallaecia cLugo Galicia Gallaecian (C)
Lusitanorum Lusitani Lusitania Portugal Celtiberian (C)
Mattiacorum Mattiaci Germania Sup Rhineland Pfalz W Germanic
Maurorum Mauri Mauretania Algeria Berber (X)
Menapiorum Menapii Belgica W Flanders, Bel Gaulish (C)
Morinorum Morini Belgica Pas-de-Calais Fr Gaulish (C)
Montanorum Montani Pannonia Julian Alps, Slov Raetian (X/C) Alpine regiments of the Roman army
Musulamiorum Musulamii Mauretania E Algeria Berber (X)
Nerviorum Nervii Belgica Flandres, Fr Gaulish (C)
Noricorum Taurisci Noricum Mid Austria (C) Alpine regiments of the Roman army
Numidarum Numidae Numidia NE Algeria Berber (X)
Nurritanorum Nurritani Sardinia cNuoro, N Sardinia Sardinian
Pannoniorum Pannonii Pannonia W Hungary Illyrian
Parthorum Parthi Cappadocia E Turkey Parthian
Petreorum Nabataei Arabia Pet. cPetra Jordan Arabic (X/S)
Phrygum Phryges Galatia Eskisehir W Turk Phrygian
Raetorum Raeti Raetia S Ger/Switz Raetian (X/C) Alpine regiments of the Roman army
Sardorum Sardi Sardinia S Sardinia Sardinian
Scubulorum Scubuli Macedonia cSkopje Mac Illyrian
Sequanorum Sequani Belgica Franche-Comté Fr Gaulish (C)
Sugambrorum Sicambri Germania Inf NW Rhineland W Germanic
Sunucorum Sunici Germania Inf E Neth W Germanic
Syrorum Syri Syria Syria Aramaic (X/S)
Thebaeorum Thebaei Aegyptus Thebes, Egypt Egyptian (X)
Thracum Thraces Thracia Bulgaria Thracian
Trevirorum Treveri Belgica cTrier Ger Gaulish (C)
Tungrorum Tungri Belgica cTongeren (Tongres) Bel Gaulish (C)
Tyriorum Tyrii Syria Tyre, S Lebanon Phoenician
Ubiorum Ubii Germania Inf NW Rhineland W Germanic
Vangionum Vangiones Germania Sup Mainz/Worms Ger W Germanic
Varcianorum Varciani Pannonia E Croatia Illyrian
Vardulorum Varduli Hispania Guipuzcoa, Spain Old Basque (X)
Vasconum Vascones Hispania Navarra, Spain Old Basque
Veredariorum ? ? ? ?
Vettonum Vettones Lusitania Salamanca pr Sp Celtiberian (C)
Vindelicorum Vindelici Raetia Black Forest, Ger Celtic/German Alpine regiments of the Roman army
Vocontiorum Vocontii Lugdunensis Dauphiné, Fr Gaulish (C)

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