List of Rocko's Modern Life Episodes - Episodes - Season 2 (1994-95)

Season 2 (1994-95)

Rocko's Modern Life season 2 episodes
# Title Airdate Prod. Code
14 1 "I Have No Son" September 25, 1994 014

This 30 minute episode introduces Ed Bighead's Son, Ralph Bighead. Ralph is is estranged from his family due to being a cartoonist, instead of being a corporate man like his father wanted.

Murray described "I Have No Son" as one of his favorite episodes because it addressed issues affecting Murray, the directors, and the writers. Murray also cites the presence of The Fatheads, created by Doug Lawrence.
15 2 "Pipe Dreams / Tickled Pinky" October 2, 1994 015

Pipe Dreams: Rocko has a plumbing problem - an enormous goldfish that Rocko flushed down the toilet.

Tickled Pinky: Having a bout of appendicitis causes Rocko to experience hallucinations about his soon-to-be-departed appendix.
16 3 "The Lounge Singer / She's the Toad" October 9, 1994 016

The Lounge Singer: Filbert realizes his dream of being a lounge singer and hits the big time.

She's the Toad: On the eve of a huge proposal at work, Ed Bighead is stricken ill, so Beverly fills his position at Conglom-O.
17 4 "Down the Hatch / Road Rash" October 23, 1994 017

Down the Hatch: When Spunky swallows a vitamin pill, our favorite parasites Bloaty and Squirmy think they've discovered an ancient and mysterious object.

Road Rash: Flem Rock is about to be bulldozed, so Rocko and Heffer go on a road trip to see it one last time.
18 5 "Boob Tubed / Commuted Sentence" November 6, 1994 018

Boob Tubed: Sitting too close to the television causes Heffer to loose his mind. Rocko and Filbert travel to TV Central to rescue it.

Commuted Sentence: A traffic jam and Heffer unwillingly join forces to cause Rocko to lose his job.
19 6 "Rocko's Modern Christmas" December 1, 1994 019
Rocko invites everyone, including the Elves, over for Christmas, but Ed Bighead spreads rumors about the Elves, which ruins party.
20 7 "Hut Sut Raw / Kiss Me I'm Foreign" December 4, 1994 020

Hut Sut Raw: Rocko, Heffer and Filbert go camping.

Kiss Me I'm Foreign: With Rocko on the verge of being deported, Filbert poses as his spouse.
21 8 "Cruisin'" January 1, 1995 021
Heffer and Rocko say Bon Voyage to Hef's Grandfather, who's going on a cruise vacation. When Hef and Rocko miss the call to debark, they learn a little more respect for the eldery.
22 9 "Born to Spawn / Uniform Behavior" January 22, 1995 022

Born to Spawn: Filbert's 21st birthday approaches, and the ancient breeding ground of Kerplopitgoes calls.

Uniform Behavior: Heffer gets a little taste of authority when he is hired as a security guard.
23 10 "Hair Licked / Gutter Balls" January 29, 1995 023

Hair Licked: On the day he is supposed to pose for a newspaper photograph, Rocko is having a very bad hair day.

Gutter Balls: Ed Bighead's obsession with winning a bowling trophy has him disqualified from a bowling tournament.
24 11 "Junk Junkies / Day of the Flecko" February 12, 1995 024

Junk Junkies: Rocko needs to pay off the pizza man, so he organizes a garage sale.

Day of the Flecko: After pulling overtime at the job, a housefly named Flecko disrupts Rocko's sleep.
25 12 "Snowballs / Frog's Best Friend" February 26, 1995 025

Snowballs: On their way to deliver comic books, Rocko and Heffer are distracted by a ski resort.

Frog's Best Friend: Beverly adopts the neighborhoods stray dog, a vicious cur named Earl.
26 13 "Short Story / Eyes Capades" March 12, 1995 026

Short Story: Feeling inadequate due to short stature, Really Really Big Man gives Rocko a vertical boost.

Eyes Capades Rocko's new glasses break just before the big jackhammer competition.

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