List of Robots in Transformers Animated - Decepticons - Predacons


  • Blackarachnia (Cree Summer)
Blackarachnia has a black and purple techno-organic spider for a beast mode. Though she was originally a member of Megatron's main unit, she has not been in contact with them since the first episode. In keeping with her hybrid nature, her arsenal combines organic venom-tipped paralyzing fangs which still possess her robotic ability to temporarily download and mimic the abilities of others. Though a skilled fighter, she also enjoys using her seductive nature to manipulate other Transformers, much like the original Blackarachnia. Once a promising young Autobot Academy recruit named Elita-1, a former friend of Optimus Prime and Sentinel Prime until a horrific event led to her becoming a techno-organic being with a hatred for Autobots and a desire to return to normal by any means necessary. She attempted to use Sari's key to fix this, but this failed. Left on Dinobot Island, she was able to enchant the Dinobots, who acted like pets around her. She had them break Meltdown out of prison to help her remove her organic half, but he tried to remove her technological side instead. Optimus Prime and the Dinobots managed to stop him, but she did not abandon her plans to remove her organic half, and sent Swoop to capture the runaway Wasp. She convinced him to become technorganic like her, but when he overheard how she was only using him, he was enraged. Adding to that, his transformation was unstable, and he exploded in a transwarp wave. Waspinator and Blackarachnia were transported to a jungle in Africa. Blackarachnia also appeared in the comic book spin off of the series by IDW Publishing. If a fourth season was made, Blackarachnia would've received a growing army of Predacons.
  • Waspinator (Tom Kenny)
Waspinator was a former Autobot cadet named Wasp who was seemingly framed as a double agent by Shockwave (posing as Longarm). He was built from the same protoform mold as Bumblebee, but hates him because he believes Bumblebee is responsible for framing him for being a Decepticon spy. He escaped from prison, and set out for Earth to get revenge on Bumblebee. Wasp returned in "Where Is Thy Sting?", attempting to switch places with Bumblebee, but was foiled. Though his name had been cleared when Shockwave revealed himself, he ran away, but was caught by Swoop and taken to Dinobot Island for Blackarachnia to operate on. She turned him into a technorganic like herself in order to find a way to reverse her own transformation. In his new technorganic wasp form, he was much stronger, but the transformation was unstable and he exploded in a transwarp blast which transported him and Blackarachnia to a jungle in Africa. Waspinator's former alt-mode was originally a green sports car that is identical to that of Bumblebee's.

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