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Deceased Decepticons

  • Afterburn
A Decepticon drone posing as a Special Ops agent of the Elite Guard, Afterburn only appears in the Titan UK comics, and is introduced in the issue Burnout. He was sent to Earth by Ultra Magnus to learn from Optimus's team, in order to use that knowledge to succeed in other battles. He arrived while the Autobots were losing against Quake-Maker, and was able to rally the team. His personality is almost too "perfect", and in the issue Divebomb, it was revealed that he was actually one of many mindless drones built by Megatron to spy on Optimus' team. He was then offlined by Megatron as a show of cruelty.
  • Starscream (Tom Kenny)
Starscream, much in the spirit of his G1 counterpart, is a sarcastic, treacherous and two-faced usurper, who serves as second-in-command to Megatron and seeks to take his place. He transforms into a harrier jet, armed with his signature null-rays. He was offlined by Megatron in "Megatron Rising", who had learned of Starscream's treachery. He has since become immortal due to a piece of the Allspark embedded in his head. He ended up in the custody of the Elite Guard, but escaped. He is then shown to have made many clones of himself that fooled the Autobots, the Decepticons, and Lockdown. He and his clones later attacked the Decepticon's base only for Starscream to be beheaded upon the discovery of the Allspark fragment in his head and later used to power Megatron's space bridge. His head and Megatron were eventually sucked into the Decepticon Space Bridge where both of them argued after being sucked in. When he and Megatron boarded Omega Supreme, Megatron used him to power and control the sleeping behemoth, and Starscream was later able to wrest control from both Megatron and the Autobots. As a head, Starscream is able to fire powerful laser blasts from his mouth. At the end of sesaon 3 ("Endgame, Part 2"), Starscream's Allspark fragment is pulled out by a 'Procesor over Matter' from Jazz and Prowl, causing him to go gray and collapse to the ground, offline once and for all. A scrapped scene from the episode revealed that Slipstream was to have ressurrected him using part of her own AllSpark Fragment.

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