List of Robots in Transformers Animated - Autobots - Team Athenia

Team Athenia

  • Rodimus Prime (Judd Nelson)
Rodimus Prime is the leader of Team Athenia, a band of Autobots appearing in the Season 3 premiere "Transwarped". His name was originally to be used for Sentinel Prime, but Hasbro disliked the name being applied to a character with Sentinel's unlikeable personality. Rodimus uses a bow and energy arrows in combat. His team tries to prevent Strika's Team Chaar from taking a space bridge, but they are all taken out by the Decepticons, with Rodimus being incapacitated by Oil Slick's Cosmic Rust, and he was slow to recover. His toy uses the name "Rodimus Minor" due to there being so many Prime-named toys in the toyline, but the Transformers Animated: AllSpark Almanac II book and official character bio give him his intended name of "Rodimus Prime". Although his alt-mode is not shown in the cartoon, the toy and book show that his vehicle mode is that of a futuristic Cybertronian muscle car. Judd Nelson also portrayed Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime in The Transformers: The Movie circa 1986.
  • Hot Shot (Bill Fagerbakke):
Hot Shot is the pyrotechnician of Rodimus Prime's crew. At first, Bumblebee was originally going to go by this name until it was changed to bank on recognition from the live-action film, which is why Bumblebee acts like Armada Hot Shot, and not Generation 1 Bumblebee. While not seen in the series, he transforms into a Cybertronian Sports Car. Hotshot was designed by Irineo Maramba. Hot Shot is equipped with welding torches which also double as flamethrowers, much like Hot Shot from Robots in Disguise. He was injured in battle against Team Chaar, but later reappears to cheer Sentinel when he returns with the Decepticon prisoners. If a fourth season was made, Hot Shot would've come to Earth, albeit without joining the main cast, and scanned the form of a sports car.
  • Red Alert (Tara Strong)
Red Alert is the medic of Rodimus Minor's crew. Red Alert was originally planned as a member of the core cast of Autobots, until she was replaced by Ratchet to bank on recognition from the live-action film. She transforms into Cybetronian ambulance van. Red Alert assisted Wheeljack and Perceptor in creating Jetstorm and Jetfire, handling the data merge of the Decepticon code and Autobot shells. She later reappears to cheer Sentinel when he returns with the Decepticon prisoners.
  • Ironhide (Corey Burton)
Ironhide is the member of Rodimus Minor's crew, in charge of security. He is a "country Autobot lad" with the ability to transform his exterior into a super dense, invulnerable alloy. His alt-mode is a man-sized Cybertronian futuristic minibus. He was protoformed in a small rural prefecture, and is often amazed over the smallest things. While he is generally jovial, his pranks can get crude. Ironhide first appears in "Mission Accomplished", in which he is briefly seen reporting to Ultra Magnus about a Decepticon uprising. He appears again as a young cadet in "Autoboot Camp", alongside Bumblebee, Bulkhead, Wasp, and Longarm. In Cartoon Network's Transformers Animated mini-game, he was mistakenly listed as a Decepticon, leading to speculation that he was the Decepticon spy mentioned by Megatron. According to The AllSpark Almanac, Vol. 2, if a fourth season was made, Ironhide would've joined the main cast, replacing Bulkhead, and would've received the Earth mode of a pickup truck.
  • Brawn
Brawn is the muscle of Rodimus Minor's crew. Brawn was designed by Irineo Maramba. Though one of the shortest Autobots, he is also one of the strongest. He transformers into a Cybertronian Halftrack. In the fight against Team Chaar, he was able to do some damage before being taken out, and he later reappears to cheer Sentinel when he returns with the Decepticon prisoners.

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