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This section deals specifically with Robotech continuity. See Genesis Climber Mospeada for more general information about the original Japanese anime storyline.

The SDF-4 (identified as both Izumo and Liberator) is the fourth Super Dimensional flagship of the United Earth Forces that was seen in the finale of the fictional Robotech universe.

The 1985 Robotech series, the Robotech Legacy Collections, and the Robotech Protoculture Collection refer to the SDF-4 as the Izumo, which was the name of this vessel in the original Genesis Climber Mospeada anime series. In the "Completing the Journey" endnotes to the Robotech: Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles comic series, The Art of Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, and the Collector's Edition DVD of Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, the SDF-4 has been referred to as the Liberator.

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SDF4, SDF-4, Sdf4, Sdf-4 may represent:

  • Stromal cell derived factor 4 - SDF4
  • SDF-4 Izumo or SDF-4 Liberator from Robotech