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Mysterious Disappearance

In the final episode of the original Robotech series, audiences anticipated the return of the SDF-3, but were left hanging by its mysterious disappearance. Command of the returning Robotech Expeditionary Force was taken over by the SDF-4. Del Rey continued the story through the novel The End of the Circle, to a mixed reception by fans who preferred to see the Sentinels story completed by Harmony Gold.

In the movie Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, it was revealed that the SDF-3 had been attempting to test-fire the new Neutron-S missiles. These malfunctioned badly as a result of design sabotage, seriously damaging the SDF-3 and the science vessel Deukalion, and creating a black hole. The SDF-3 was immobilized and adrift near the new black hole. Captain Vince Grant and the Icarus attempted a rescue, but all three ships were attacked by hostile unknown forces, and Admiral Hunter ordered the Icarus to return to Earth with the Deukalion and deliver a warning about the Neutron-S missiles. The ultimate fate of the SDF-3 is unknown, as it was crippled and had just survived a ramming by a hostile warship when last seen.

At the conclusion of the movie, the starship Ark Angel is dispatched to find out what became of the ship and her crew, and recover survivors, if any.

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