List of Robotech Episodes - Episode List - The New Generation

The New Generation

# Title Director Writer
61 "The Invid Invasion" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
Sometime after the events of Catastrophe, the Invid finally appear on Earth and conquer the planet despite meager resistance by the surviving Southern Cross forces. Over a decade later, the Robotech Expeditionary Force's (REF) Mars Division is sent to Earth to try attacking Reflex Point, the Invid's main hive, in North America, but the entire fleet is annihilated by Invid forces. The debacle's only survivor, Scott Bernard, crashes somewhere in South America and begins a long journey to Reflex Point in his Cyclone motorcycle. A survivalist named Rand joins him after he is saved by Scott from Invid Shocktroopers while scavenging a crashed Mars Division Horizon-class shuttle.
62 "The Lost City" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
Scott and Rand visit a city hoping to recruit new resistance fighters and get fresh supplies, but they are lured into a trap at an island where other military forces have been killed off by Invid units. The duo survive the battle with help from a mysterious red Cyclone rider. However, the residents, who want to live in peace, force them to leave. A teenage girl named Annie decides to join them on the way out.
63 "Lonely Soldier Boy" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
While visiting a new town, Scott, Rand, and Annie chance upon a concert featuring famed female pop singer Yellow Dancer. A large male ex-soldier named Lunk and Rook Bartley, the woman who piloted the red Cyclone, also joins the group after fighting together during an encounter with the Invid. Lunk also provides Scott with an Alpha fighter he stowed in a barn. Rand, who is a loyal Yellow Dancer fan, is devastated when it turns out that his idol is a male resistance fighter named Lancer in disguise.
64 "Survival" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
The Invid have trapped Scott Bernard and his team in a secluded forest. Rand discovers that the Invid can track the use of Protoculture.
65 "Curtain Call" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
Desperately low on Protoculture and basic supplies, Scott's group finds a castle that doubles as an Invid Protoculture storage facility. Lancer, in his Yellow Dancer disguise, holds a concert in a nearby town where even the storage facility's guards are assigned as venue security. It buys the rest of the team enough time to infiltrate the facility and haul off as much Protoculture cells as they can carry. The guards catch on to the plan, but the team gets away in time.
66 "Hard Times" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
Rook Bartley returns to her hometown inside a deep canyon to reconcile with her past as a biker gang member. The team fails to stop her from getting revenge on a fellow gang member who seemingly sold her out to a rival gang.
67 "Paper Hero" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
Lunk makes a slight detour to an old friend's hometown, where he needs to return a book to his friend's father, Alfred Nader. However, the town mayor's goons suddenly steal their vehicles and abduct Rook and Annie while the guys find Nader. Lunk discovers that Nader was killed and all but declared a non-person by the community for advocating passive resistance to the Invid. The Invid assault the town. To prevent it from being destroyed, the mayor gives back the team's vehicles and also presents Lunk with a weapon Nader had hidden for years, which he uses to fight off the Invid attack.
68 "Eulogy" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
Scott and his team visit a town of soldiers, where they meet veteran Robotech Expeditionary Force officer Colonel Jonathan Wolff, who has been on Earth for some time leading an ostensible resistance against the Invid. However, the team discovers that Wolff is a traitor who organizes futile raids against Invid forces in exchange for Protoculture, leaving himself as a (frequently the only) survivor to underpin his legend. He finally dies on another raid that includes the team.
69 "The Genesis Pit" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
While still on the journey to Reflex Point, Scott, Rand and Annie stumble upon a large cave called the Genesis Pit, a cave which is a special Invid research facility where the aliens are working on evolutionary experiments. They are forced to fight their way out to avoid being trapped in the Pit.
70 "Enter Marlene" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
Enthusiastic about linking up with other REF units at a nearby rally point, Scott prods the team to continue fighting alongside him and the rest of the REF. He is devastated when the team discovers that the rendezvous location, Point K, has been totally destroyed along with a nearby village. Another encounter with the Invid amidst the wreckage shakes Scott out of his stupor long enough to kill all of the attackers. Lancer, Lunk, and Annie scour the wreckage for salvage and comes up with significant findings, including two additional Alpha fighters and a Beta fighter. Meanwhile, Rand and Rook search the village, where they find a naked woman and bring her along. The woman, whom the team calls Marlene, is actually a humanoid Invid spy named Ariel.
71 "The Secret Route" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
While trying to negotiate a mountain pass, an avalanche forces Scott's team to visit a nearby town for new directions. They later discover that the town mayor, Donald Maxwell, is selling fake maps to families seeking to drive through the pass, where Invid units will ambush them. Lancer reveals to the team the story behind his Yellow Dancer persona upon seeing his old girlfriend, who is Maxwell's fiancee. After the team saves Annie and a family she wanted to join on the journey, Maxwell has a change of heart and sacrifices his antique aircraft collection to fight off the Invid while the team slips through the pass.
72 "The Fortress" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
During their mountain trek, the team discovers an Invid fortress. Rand and Annie are captured during a reconnaissance of the place, which forces the rest of the team to break them out and destroy the base. Along the way, they witness an Invid transmutation and encounter a Living Computer ("Brain").
73 "Sandstorm" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer

A desert sandstorm forces the team to lie low and wait for the storm to subside. Seeing as the woman found near Point K, Marlene, is ill, Rand tries to find cacti to extract water from and give to her. However, he falls into a cavern and inhales the Flower of Life spores. A subsequent dream gives him insights into the Invid's goals behind conquering Earth.

NOTE: This episode is essentially a clip show wrapped up in a very surreal dream.
74 "Annie's Wedding" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
Scott's team stumble into a garden protected by primitive warriors who venerate the Invid. Annie is smitten by one of the tribesmen, named Macgruder, and wants to marry him. Accused of offending the tribe's ancient river gods, Scott and his squad are forced to play both sides against each other if they hope to survive. The tribe's attitude toward the team changes after they save Annie and Macgruder from an Invid attack, eventually helping them build rafts to carry the mecha through the river. Annie is left behind to let her live with Macgruder, which saddens the team.
75 "Separate Ways" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
A late-night supply search into an abandoned city triggers an encounter with the Invid, where the team is trapped in an underground train station. The tension takes its toll on the team, as Rand, Rook, and Lunk actually consider breaking away. The team's unity is rebuilt after they work to break out of the station. Annie, who has been disgusted with the way of life in Macgruder's tribe, appears to rejoin the team.
76 "Metamorphosis" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
Disappointed with the lack of communications with Ariel/Marlene, the Invid Regess creates two new humanoids, a man named Corg and a woman named Sera, to lead the Invid forces. She orders them to find Ariel and reestablish contact. Meanwhile, the team finds an old Southern Cross naval base where they acquire fresh supplies and three patrol boats that they can use to reach North America. After Rook is wounded in a patrol, the team rests at a nearby island resort. Lancer heads off for a private swim, where he encounters Sera, who returns to her special Invid command mech. The team sets sail while under attack from the Invid. Lancer turns over his Beta fighter to Scott and rushes to Lunk's aid aboard one of the ships after he is hit. Sera swoops in for the kill, but freezes upon seeing Lancer on the bridge. The distraction buys time for the group to head out to sea.
77 "The Midnight Sun" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
Several months after the events of Metamorphosis, the team is attacked at their mountain camp, with Sera leading the assault. However, she freezes again upon seeing Lancer and Ariel/Marlene, allowing the rest of the team to fight off the Invid attack. Lancer and Ariel are at a loss as to why Sera would not attack when he is around.
78 "Ghost Town" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
While trekking across a desert, the team discovers a group of old soldiers who were part of an REF support mission that returned prior to the Invid invasion. One of the veterans admits receiving alert messages from the REF about a major offensive. The team decides to attack a nearby Invid communications tower and see the veterans themselves try one last act of heroism.
79 "Frostbite" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
Scott's team stumbles upon an old subterranean city in the Rocky Mountains (revealed to be Denver, Colorado) while trying to avoid Invid patrols. With the power still on, the team branches off to find fresh supplies and experience civilization once more. Scott accompanies Marlene, who reminds him of his namesake fiancee, but their moment is disrupted when Corg finds the team and attacks. The group evacuates the city, which Lunk has rigged to self-destruct by overloading its geothermal plant. Corg survives the blast but Scott is suspicious of how Marlene felt he was in the neighborhood.
80 "Birthday Blues" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
The team hides in an abandoned town after getting close to an Invid hive. They also pull off a surprise birthday party for Annie. Corg and the Invid try to crash the party, but the team wards them off with a fireworks display the Invid think are special missiles.
81 "Hired Gun" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
The team visit a town where the townsfolk are scared of a man named Dusty Ayres, a serial killer who hunts and murders army personnel in cold blood. Rand and Rook run into an Invid patrol but are helped out by a man with prosthetic attachments. A check with the town residents confirm that the man is Dusty Ayres. Rook learns that all of Ayres' victims were his friends, whom he claims left him to be experimented on by the Invid. When the team is attacked again by the Invid, Ayres sacrifices his life to save them, but not before killing the remaining men on his hit list.
82 "The Big Apple" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
The team reaches New York City and steals Protoculture from a storage facility at Carnegie Hall. Lancer, Annie, and Rand are helped in their heist by a young boy who brings them to a performing arts troupe led by one of Lancer's old friends. Meanwhile, at a hive somewhere in the city, Corg and Sera argue over the Regis' plans for the humans, with Corg deciding to commit genocide - starting in New York. The team springs into action as Lancer performs once more as Yellow Dancer to boost morale with his friend's troupe as backup. Scott, Rand, Rook and Lancer work together to destroy the hive. Sera confronts Marlene over her actions with the rebels.
83 "Reflex Point" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
Just a few miles away from Reflex Point, the team discovers an REF ship that has crashed after an Invid attack. While sifting through the wreckage, they stumble upon Sue Graham, a member of the REF Jupiter Division who is recording footage of the Invid's movements for further study by Admiral Hunter. While in hiding, Sue briefs the team about the REF fleet mobilizing near Moon Base ALUCE and their new Shadow fighters. The Invid attack again, providing her a chance to capture more footage, but dies after an encounter with an unnamed humanoid Invid wounded in the attack. As they see his dying form bleeding green blood, the team is also shocked to see green blood dripping from a cut on Marlene, who runs off.
84 "Dark Finale" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
The REF fleet heads toward Earth while waiting for Admiral Hunter to arrive in the SDF-3. Having linked up with the rest of the REF ground forces, Scott, Lancer, and Lunk join in the assault on Reflex Point, but Annie, Rand, and Rook refuse to be left behind. Seeing the carnage begin, Marlene accepts her identity as Ariel and turns into spirit form to lead the team inside the Reflex Point hive and confront the Regis. Sera also joins them, having saved Lancer from crashing. As their exchange continues, the Regess displays images of the REF fleet heading toward Earth. Scott also chases Corg.
85 "Symphony Of Light" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
Aided by the Shadow fighters' Protoculture-cloaking capabilities, the REF presses the attack on Invid forces at Reflex Point and out in space. Scott kills Corg after a brutal dogfight. With the Invid putting on a tough fight and the SDF-3 still nowhere to be found, REF commander General Reinhardt orders the launch of the Neutron-S missiles to destroy all Invid even if it means the Earth is scorched in the process. Alarmed at this new development, the Regis has a change of heart and calls on all Invid to rally behind her and leave the planet in peace. Later, at Yellow Dancer's final concert, Scott bids Marlene goodbye as he flies out to find Admiral Hunter.

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