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The Masters

# Title Director Writer
37 "Dana's Story" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
The United Earth Forces Military Academy produces its first batch of officers for the Army of the Southern Cross, including 2nd Lts Dana Sterling and Bowie Grant. Bowie is uneasy about being commissioned into the armed forces, but Dana helps him get over it by telling the story of how her famous parents met. The narration is interrupted by the in-system appearance of the Robotech Masters after a 15-year trip.
38 "False Start" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
Dana is thrown into the brig after running afoul of Tactical Armored Space Corps (TASC) officer First Lieutenant Marie Crystal but is released in time for the Southern Cross' first ground-based encounter with the Robotech Masters. The aliens are caught by surprise at the human forces' capabilities. Dana's skills during the battle earns command of the 15th Alpha Tactical Armored Corps (ATAC) after its commanding officer, Captain Sean Phillips, is demoted to private second-class for flirting with a colonel's daughter. Dana is intrigued by visions of a red Bioroid and its pilot.
39 "Southern Cross" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
The 15th Squadron is assigned civil defense duty during an aerial offensive. Dana initially laments the posting, especially when she sees the Masters' counterattack fall upon her base but proves her worth when she orders the 15th ATAC into action. Dana is promoted to first lieutenant after her team repulses the aliens.
40 "Volunteers" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
Answering a call for volunteers, Dana and members of the 15th ATAC join forces with Marie Crystal in an operation to reestablish communications with Space Station Liberty, which lost contact with Earth shortly after the Robotech Masters' arrival.
41 "Half Moon" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
Dana and Bowie stumble into an excavation operation by the Robotech Masters in the remains of what was once New Macross City, centered on the earthen mounds that hold the remains of the SDF-1, SDF-2 and Khyron's battlecruiser. Bowie is captured. Enraged by her superiors' refusal to authorize a rescue operation, Dana fakes a late-night training exercise to launch the mission herself.
42 "Danger Zone" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
An impulsive frontal assault ordered by Supreme Commander Anatole Leonard against the Masters' flagship results in the Southern Cross Tactical Armored Space Corps (TASC) hit with heavy losses. Corporal Louie Nichols, one of Dana's troopers, theorizes a potential weakness, and Dana gets approval for a different tactic. Their subsequent attack succeeds in bringing the flagship down to Earth. Meanwhile, Earth scientists study the remains of a Bioroid pilot and discover that the intruders are human, not micronized Zentraedi.
43 "Prelude To Battle" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
The 15th Squadron's successes make them the military's talk of the town as they are selected for another dangerous mission. The unit is hampered by Bowie's behavior, which has caused him to be arrested twice by Global Military Police (GMP) Lieutenant Nova Satori. Dana decides to leave him to his fate, but his guardian, General Rolf Emerson, intervenes to get him out of the stockade in time for the mission to begin.
44 "The Trap" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
The 15th ATAC penetrates the Robotech Masters' flagship, where Bowie encounters a beautiful alien woman who shares his love for music. The Masters entrap the team, but they fight their way out, capturing an enemy Bioroid in the process.
45 "Metal Fire" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
The Southern Cross High Command reviews the footage of the 15th Squadron's reconnaissance of the alien ship and concludes that the Robotech Masters are probably after the remains of the Protoculture Matrix. Commander Leonard rules out negotiations with the aliens. The Masters are frustrated by their failures to clone Robotech genius Zor and consider getting humans as test subjects.
46 "Stardust" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
Raiding parties launched by the Robotech Masters capture at least 200 people, who are subjected to a series of mental probes to determine the extent of their knowledge of Protoculture. Back at Southern Cross Army headquarters, Dana fails to stop Supreme Commander Leonard's "disposal" of a captured Bioroid pilot but is disturbed further by visions of the red Bioroid. The Masters' flagship is successfully rescued by another of their ships despite last-minute intervention by Dana and a GMP operative.
47 "Outsiders" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
The red Bioroid pilot of Dana's visions is captured by the Southern Cross, part of a plan by the Robotech Masters to implant a sleeper agent. Out in space, a ship from the SDF-3 expedition de-folds from hyperspace and attempts to engage the Masters' fleet but is destroyed. Supreme Commander Leonard and General Emerson debrief Major John Carpenter, the ship's commanding officer, who informs them that the Robotech Expeditionary Force will not be sending any more combat units back to Earth.
48 "Deja Vu" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
Nova Satori leads the interrogation of the alien Bioroid pilot, identified only as Zor. The interrogators are convinced that he is one of the humans kidnapped as a test subject. Meanwhile, Dana practices on a battle simulator hoping to explain her empathy for the alien while Sean Phillips tries his moves on Marie Crystal.
49 "A New Recruit" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
Zor is enlisted into the 15th ATAC in a bid to help restore his memory in the hopes that he will be able to provide valuable insight into the plans of the Masters. Dana is more than eager to help him settle in, but not everyone in the team feels the same way - especially those who lost loved ones at the hands of the aliens. The Masters carefully observe Zor's vision through a neurosensor.
50 "Triumvirate" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
Equipped with new Armored Gyro Assault Copters and a fleet of battlecruisers, the TASC unleashes a preemptive strike on the Robotech Masters' fleet but suffers heavy losses. While the 15th Squadron are kept in reserve duty, Zor, Dana, and Bowie decide to visit the ruins of the SDF-1, SDF-2, and Khyron's battlecruiser to help Zor rebuild his memories. Inside the remains of the SDF-1, they discover the fabled Matrix, which is an eerie garden of unearthly flowers bathed in light from a rainbow vortex. Marie Crystal reports that Zor's claim of triplicate organization among the Masters forces may have merit.
51 "Clone Chamber" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
The survivors of the TASC assault force regroup at Moon Base ALUCE. It becomes the least of the Robotech Masters' worries as they view images of Zor's journey into the ruins and discover that the Flower of Life is beginning to bloom. The TASC mounts a rescue of the surviving battleships but Zor's unwitting observance of the task force's deployment allows the aliens to turn the tables on them. Marie Crystal intervenes to save the relief force from the surprise attack.
52 "Love Song" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
Sean Philips takes Marie Crystal out on a date, but another woman's appearance messes up the moment. Supreme Commander Leonard appoints General Emerson to lead a reinforcement group to Moon Base ALUCE as part of a plan to carry out a two-pronged attack on the Robotech Masters' warships.
53 "The Hunters" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
Louie Nichols designs a new battle simulator but the Global Military Police redevelops it and installs it in the team's Hovertanks as an automatic targeting system. Distraught by the sudden corruption of his device, Nichols seeks Dana's help in destroying the machines, but Zor and Angelo Dante stop them. General Emerson's forces use a novel tactic to break through the Masters' blockade. The Robotech Masters start producing a new Bioroid in anticipation of the human attack.
54 "Mind Game" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
The ALUCE forces link up with those coming from Earth for the attack on the Robotech Masters' fleet, with the intention of invading the ships themselves. Bowie is uneasy about going to battle after Zor airs his concerns about getting back alive. However, a sudden counterattack by the Masters' other ships forces the humans to pull back, leaving the 15th Squadron behind inside the Masters' flagship. In the midst of the chaos, the Masters reclaim control over Zor Prime.
55 "Dana In Wonderland" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
Dana Sterling and the 15th Squadron are trapped inside the Robotech Masters' flagship, but avoid capture by temporarily leaving their Hovertanks to learn more about the alien society inside the vessel. Bowie uses the opportunity to find Musica, the alien girl he encountered on the flagship during its brief time downed on Earth. A rogue clone risks his life to help Dana understand more about the aliens. The entire team is eventually captured.
56 "Crisis Point" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
Like the Zentraedi before her, Musica's interactions with human emotions prompts her to rebel and break the 15th Squadron survivors out of captivity. The group escape the ship as it explodes, but not before rescuing Zor, whose memory has been fully reinstated by the Robotech Masters' scientists.
57 "Daydreamer" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
The 15th Squadron successfully return to Earth, but the heavy GMP presence at the Earth forces' base forces them to hatch a plan to smuggle Musica through security. After a heated argument with Angelo Dante on surviving the war, Zor tips off Nova Satori about Musica, who feels guilty over leaving her sisters behind to be arrested for treason. Satori marches to the 15th's barracks while Musica sings a song about the Flowers of Life. Nova threatens to arrest the entire unit unless they give up Musica, but she has escaped with Bowie. The Masters grow increasingly concerned over the brewing individualities of some of their crew, their dwindling Protoculture stocks mutating into the Flower of Life, and the threat of an alien race called "the Invid."
58 "Final Nightmare" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
Bowie and Musica hide in the forest for most of the night and grow closer as Nova Satori orders the 15th Squadron to find them. They all meet inside the ruins of the SDF-1, where they realize for the first time that they are looking at the Protoculture Matrix. Zor explains his origins and connection with the flowers. The Robotech Masters decide to launch one final assault against the Southern Cross forces to recover any Protoculture stocks before the Invid arrive. The Southern Cross begins its own offensive against the aliens.
59 "The Invid Connection" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
Nova stops her plan to arrest Musica, but GMP forces assemble at the tombs. The Robotech Masters employ all their soldiers as special shock troopers and deploy them against the human forces to buy time for some of their ships to recover the Protoculture Matrix. The Robotech Masters, who have captured General Emerson as he, Marie Crystal, and TASC pilot Ronald Brown escape from his self-destructing flagship, demand that all humans evacuate Earth in 48 hours or face total extermination. The 15th Squadron fly to the Masters' flagship to return Musica in exchange for the human captives, but it is a trap. General Emerson sacrifices his life to save Bowie in a subsequent battle. Zor appears again in his red Bioroid and prepares to hunt down the Masters.
60 "Catastrophe" Robert V. Barron Steve Kramer
Zor and Dana confront the Robotech Masters, where she has a vision of her parents and an unknown younger sister, who warns her about the Invid. Musica is reunited with her sisters, one of whom is killed. The other helps her, along with the 15th Squadron and Nova, evacuate all surviving clones from the flagship after a brief firefight with some defenders. The Southern Cross forces make their last stand against the Masters' assault. Monument City is destroyed and Commander Leonard is killed. Zor kills the Robotech Masters then sends off Dana in an escape pod. He self-destructs the ship over the remains of the SDF-1, but the resulting explosion only spreads the Flower of Life's spores across the planet.

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