List of Robotech Characters - The Third Generation - Lance Belmont

Lance Belmont
First appearance Episode 63 - "Lonely Soldier Boy"
Voiced by Jimmy Flinders
Nicknames Yellow Dancer
Aliases Lancer

Lance "Lancer" Belmont (Also known as Yellow Belmont in Genesis Climber Mospeada) appears in the third season of the anime series. He joined the fight with Scott Bernard and his group to battle the Invid. Lancer is voiced by Jimmy Flinders, who also provided the voice of Max Sterling.

Lt. Lance Belmont was a pilot that was a part of the first attack wing that attempted to liberate the Earth from the Invid launched by the 10th Mars Division of the Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF) in 2038. He flew a non-transformable SA-8 Vampire but crash landed during the attack. The rest of the division was destroyed by the Invid forces. He was rescued by a young woman named Carla. To save Lancer from the townspeople who were assisting the Invid, Carla Morales disguised Lancer as a woman. Lancer took the name Yellow Dancer and passed himself off as a female singer, a role he originally created to avoid capture by the Invid. It was not until 2042 when Lt. Scott Bernard (of the 21st Mars Division), Rand and Annie arrived in the small town that "Yellow Dancer" was performing at that Lancer revealed that not only was she a he, but that he was a military trained special operative.

Lancer would stay with the group until the battle of Reflex Point.

He fell in love with Sera, Princess of the Invid, and she with him. It was this relationship that largely led to Sera abandoning the genocidal tactics of her brother Corg and to her eventual break with the Regis. .

The handsome youth is quick to make light of his peculiar situation. He's a good friend to have in times of trouble, a thoughtful advisor and a courageous, talented fighter. It's his ability to see beyond the obvious that helps bring about the tentative peace between the Invid and the humans at the end of the Third Robotech war. He falls for the invid princess, Sera, and helps her buy the Regess enough time to evacuate her people in the final assault.

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... The End of the Circle notes that at some point in the years following the Third Robotech War, Lancer was killed in an accident while flying a relief mission ... As the novels, like all non-animated Robotech stories are now considered secondary canon, Lancer's fate remains unknown in the current official Robotech time line ...

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